Dawn of Wonder Audiobook by Jonathan Renshaw [Download]

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Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening, Book 1 by Jonathan Renshaw

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Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening, Book 1 Audiobook by Jonathan Renshaw is the first book in The Wakening series. The story revolves around Aedan a thirteen-year-old boy whose beautiful childhood in the Mistyvales is cut short by the dangerous Lekran slave traders. After losing his friend, Kalry, to the slave traders, Aedan and his parents leave their home in Mistyvales and move to the city of Castath.

On their journey, they pick up a married couple, Borr and Harriet. Soon after arriving in Castath, Aedan father abandons him and his mother. Aedan joins the marshals and begins his training in the academy. He has a sharp mind for war strategies and can work out ways to win from the most desperate situations. His talent is spotted and he is called upon by the prince and the war counsel to give advice on fortifying the city.

Aedan is also human and has his share of flaws. He suffers from severe cowardice due to the physical and emotional abuse he was subjected to in his childhood by his father. He has not been shown as a handsome and attractive figure also in the novel. He has his limitations and is not very good looking. His success is heavily dependent on him overcoming his deep-rooted fears and cowardice resulting from the childhood abuse. Aedan is constantly supported by the wise and powerful General Osric and Fergal who provides him with constant confidence and motivation whenever needed.


Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening, Book 1 Audiobook by Jonathan Renshaw is a coming of age story for Aedan who ends up becoming a marshall at the military academy. The transformation of Aedan from a simple boy to becoming a marshall has been nicely portrayed by the author. The relationship and bond between Aedan and Kalry is also well depicted in the novel.

The author has gone to great lengths in developing the characters and the readers will be able to relate with them. The narrative and the plot is well balanced and the flow is constant. The plot never seems dull or forced. The readers will enjoy the first novel of this epic fantasy series and will be waiting for the next book of the series. It is a must-read.

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