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Days of Gold

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New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux returns to her roots in this sweeping historical romance with a dazzling story that spans two continents and unites two people who are separated by class, wealth, and education.



  • In 'Days of Gold', the story kicks off in Scotland and revolves around the love affair between Edimine and Angus. Angus is instantly smitten with Edimine, but she initially has a negative impression of him. The twist in the plot comes when Edimine's uncle, driven by greed, plans to marry her off to one of his undeserving acquaintances who has agreed to hand over her dowry of trunks filled with gold to the uncle after the wedding. In order to escape this unwanted fate, Edimine must find a way out. It is at this point that Angus steps in, offering his help. However, their journey is not without peril, and they ultimately find themselves on a ship bound for America. Their love story is laden with obstacles as Angus repeatedly leaves Edimine for reasons unknown. It is quite baffling why she continues to place her trust in him! Deveraux skillfully weaves action and adventure throughout the narrative, although at times it may feel a bit excessive. Additionally, the happily-ever-after conclusion is somewhat prolonged. The presence of compelling supporting characters and their own love stories adds depth to the overall tale. While the author occasionally goes to extremes, the book remains reasonably enjoyable. It is worth noting that the narrator does an excellent job bringing the story to life.
  • If a book is lengthy, I'm all for it as long as it's captivating. 'Days of Gold' definitely falls into that category. The narration was top-notch as well. Despite reading it out of sequence, I'm eagerly anticipating diving into the rest of the series.
  • I'm a big fan of JD's books. The way the heroine was portrayed made her sound more like a teenage boy, which I found interesting. The other voices in the audiobook were well done, but I have to admit that the main character did get on my nerves a bit.
  • One of the other reviews mentioned that 'Days of Gold' is similar to Outlander, but I'd like to highlight two important differences. Firstly, while I'm a huge fan of all the Outlander books, I know many readers who can't stomach the explicit sexual content and strong torture scenes that it contains. This book, on the other hand, offers a wonderfully enjoyable read without those elements that some readers find off-putting in historical fiction. It's worth noting that 'Days of Gold' was actually written before Outlander, so it's not fair to imply that one is a genre copy of the other. For fans of historical romance, especially those who appreciate the grand Scottish/American romance and talented writing of Jude Deveraux, this is another great read. Now, as an avid audiobook fan, I must mention that Davina Porter is hands down one of the best narrators, regardless of genre. Her narration is particularly delightful when it involves characters from Scotland. She excels at giving each character their own distinct voice throughout the book and pronouncing words correctly. Unfortunately, I've noticed a growing number of books whose narrators struggle with pronouncing words correctly, which can be jarring for those with good diction and a wide vocabulary. Ms. Porter, however, is a fantastic narrator in every respect. 'Days of Gold' has a compelling storyline, a heartwarming romance, and flawless narration. If you're looking for a novel that provides pure entertainment, this is a great choice.
  • I had a great time reading this book. It provided a much-needed escape from the everyday pressures of life. Plus, Davina Porter's narration feels like stepping into a enchanting story.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this book turned out to be. My expectations were exceeded, especially in the first three-fourths of the story, where I found myself thoroughly engaged. There were some truly hilarious and unforgettable scenes that added to the overall experience. However, I must admit that the book lost momentum towards the end and concluded rather anticlimactically. Nonetheless, I have to give credit to the narrator who delivered an excellent performance throughout.
  • I'm not a love story aficionado by any stretch. And, I don't know this author. However, I found this audiobook to be slow-moving and shallow. The good had a happy, feel-good ending.