Dead Beat: The Dresden Files Audiobook by Jim Butcher [Free Download]

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Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7 by Jim Butcher

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Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7 audiobook by Jim Butcher is the seventh book in The Dresden Files series. The sinister vampiress Mavra instructs Dresden to locate the Word of Kemmler for her within three days or she will set up his friend Murphy for murder of one of Mavra’s minions. Dresden learns through Bob-the imprisoned spirit who was once Kemmler’s own assistant- that the mercurial Kremmler was once one of the most powerful and fearsome necromancer to have lived.

When investigating further, Dresden rescues the medical examiner Waldo Butters from a powerful necromancer. Harry Dresden learns about an important and powerful book during this. He goes out in the search of the book and meets Sheila. She is a clerk with a photographic memory. She later tells Dresden that she is a shade of a demon. Dresden refuses her offer of help in return for selling his soul.

Halloween is fast approaching and Dresden knows he has to locate the Word of Kemmler fast. He learns that he is not alone in this pursuit and three groups of necromancers are planning to use the book in a ritual. He knows that they need to be stopped at all costs otherwise they will not only wreck havoc but they will also gain God-like and indestructible powers. Harry knows he has to get his hands on the Word of Kremmler first or otherwise it will be too late and everything will be lost.


Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book 7 audiobook by Jim Butcher is another enthralling novel in the Dresden Files series. The author takes the story forward in the book. The author presents a fast-paced plot and provides well-timed twists and turns, which will keep the readers engrossed in the book. The book has a layered storyline which provides the author plenty of opportunity to flesh out not only the character of Harry Dresden but also the supporting characters.

The author maintains the pace throughout the book and the plot does not slow down as the story unfolds. The book can also be read as a standalone novel by readers who have not read the previous books of the series. This is a recommended read for fans of the Dresden Files series.



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