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Democracy Matters

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In his major bestseller, Race Matters, philosopher Cornel West burst onto the national scene with his searing analysis of the scars of racism in American democracy. Race Matters has become a contemporary classic, still in print after ten years, having sold more than four hundred thousand copies. A mesmerizing speaker with a host of fervidly devoted fans, West gives as many as one hundred public lectures a year and appears regularly on radio and television. Praised by The New York Times for his "ferocious moral vision" and hailed by Newsweek as "an elegant prophet with attitude," he bridges the gap between black and white opinion about the country's problems.


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  • Cornel West is a masterful writer and intellectual. His book offers a view of American history and democracy totally stripped of the rose-colored glasses perspective often found in more traditional texts. However, his tendency to blame the ills of the world on deep-rooted, undiminished White Supremacy still lurking beneath the surface of American society seems a bit convenient and simplistic. Yes, America's history of slavery and racism is a terrible thing, and there can be absolutely no excuses for past abuses. But even as I found myself fascinated by Dr. West's very original ideas, I simultaneously wished he would give credit for at least some posititve progress towards equality and improved ethnic race relations in our country. It would have made his good book even better.