Diablo III: The Order Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Diablo III: The Order

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Deckard Cain made his way across the floor, following the footprints to an alcove in the far wall. Rotted boards clung to supports, the last remains of an ancient library. This had been a ritual chamber, many centuries before, used to summon things from beyond the human world. A portal to the Burning Hells themselves, perhaps. The shelves were empty now. He saw a speck of yellow underneath a splinter of wood and bent to pick up a corner of parchment paper, curled and speckled with mildew.



  • Amazing book, huge fan of all PC games and books. This book is so well written it creates a great mind movie to just close your eyes and listen. Would love to see this become a movie. This is a must read/listen for anyone who know of the battle between heaven and hell.
  • The reader creates such a dark atmosphere that it really puts you into into the world of Diablo. It has the same ominous, lurking presents of evil that the game illustrates. Both compliment each other; I recommend both. If you play the game, listen to the book. If you listen to the book play the game.