Dune Audiobook by Frank Herbert [Free Download]

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Dune by Frank Herbert

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Dune Audiobook by Frank Herbert brings back the classic tale of science fiction that creates a ground breaking saga and a reference for all the genre and authors to come after it. Consider as the novel that was, is, and will be considered a triumph of the imagination any human being would ever find. The story goes around a boy Paul Atreides, who with the time would become a mysterious man named Maud’dib, and his desire to avenge the treacherous actions his noble family had gotten.

The main action of the story takes place in the planet Arrakis, home of the noble family pf Artreides and producer of the oracular spice melange, a substance of great value that generates a complot to take control of the planet and its valuable substance. Through the several episodes, the story deals with the different levels of interaction in politics, religion, ecology, technology and human emotion, while the plots to gain control of Arrakis’ spice is taking place.


Dune Audiobook by Frank Herbert is one of the most significant pieces of science-fiction literature which has influenced many authors, filmmakers, actors, and general audiences for years and it is still one of the best books ever published. Its influence has been observed in different media such as movies, television, theater, and even comic-books.

Admired and, sometimes, worshiped by readers all over the world, the audiobook version of Herbert’s masterpiece has also received high praise for listeners and critics alike. The voice cast is one of the major highlight of the material, especially his main narrator Simon Vance, and it makes the delights of audiobook lovers during the 21 hours and 8 minutes that takes to listen to the whole adventures in a distant planet.

This classic story still offers a great mix of adventure and mysticism, as well as concern for the environment and a great deal of discussion about politics. Dune has been translated to other media such as movies and television, with a better reception in the mini-series rather than the motion picture.

Dune has received praise of several science fiction writers, such as Arthur C. Clarke who described it as “unique” and remarked that he knew “nothing comparable to it except Lord of the Rings”. But others have criticized the role of women in the story, remarkably few than the men and the portrayal of the only homosexual character in the novel is considered negative.

Among the recognition it has received, we can count the first Nebula Award in 1965, sharing the Hugo Award in 1966 with Roger Zelazny’s “This Immortal”, and, the best acknowledgement it can have, it is considered the basis of the greatest epic in science fiction without any question.