Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health by Mark Hyman

The readers can download Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Many of us have long been told that fat makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and generally erodes our health. Now a growing body of research is debunking our fat-phobia, revealing the immense health and weight-loss benefits of a high-fat diet rich in eggs, nuts, oils, avocados, and other delicious super-foods. In his new book, bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman introduces a new weight-loss and healthy living program based on the latest science and explains how to EAT FAT, GET THIN, and achieve optimum wellness along the way. Offering practical tools, meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, as well as step-by-step, easy-to-follow advice, EAT FAT, GET THIN is the cutting edge way to lose weight, prevent disease, and feel your best.



  • This book had a ton of solid evidence supporting the idea of eating fat and it really motivated me to give the diet a shot. The author's voice was captivating and held my attention throughout. I gotta say, this piece of work really hit me deep.
  • I found 'Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health' to be well-researched and aligned with the latest findings. Although it wasn't as technical as I usually prefer, I don't think it was intended to cater to that crowd. The author's dietary recommendations, especially after the initial program, are more lenient compared to other experts' plans (for instance, the reintroduction of gluten), but I believe this book serves as a great starting point for those who want to embark on a journey towards true wellness. It is well-structured, easy to comprehend, and packed with delicious recipes. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed reading it!
  • I've been a fan of Dr. Hyman on PBS for quite some time now. His straightforward and genuine approach in presenting the facts has always resonated with me. The same energy and honesty that he exudes on screen can also be felt in the audiobook. It's refreshing to come across a doctor who isn't solely focused on prescribing medications as the solution to all problems.
  • This audiobook is all about busting the misconception that fat is the main culprit for weight gain. It presents some mind-blowing scientific facts, coupled with a simple and budget-friendly plan. I managed to listen to it in just one morning while sitting at my desk, and I wasted no time in putting the plan into action.
  • I can't seem to find the recipes that are supposed to be in this book. I was hoping to get a printout of the recipes I enjoy so I can whip up some tasty meals for this diet. Got any suggestions for me?
  • I was hoping for a more comprehensive exploration of fats, but "Eat Fat, Get Thin" leaned more towards being a diet book. It reminded me quite a bit of Robb Wolf's "Wired to Eat," although I felt that Wolf's book provided a bit more guidance on determining one's carb tolerance. Overall, I found "Wired to Eat" to be a slightly more engaging read. I managed to listen to most of "Eat Fat, Get Thin" in a single day at work, and wrapped up the last few hours a few days later when I had the chance.
  • This audiobook contains incredibly valuable insights on how to reset your metabolism and reclaim your overall well-being. It emphasizes the importance of rejecting soy in our diets for sustained weight loss and vibrant health.
  • I really enjoyed the abundance of scientific references and research included in the book. It's impressive how the author effectively counters all the opposing viewpoints regarding fats with substantial evidence. On top of that, there are some fantastic tips provided for tackling any issues that may arise.