Every Little Step: My Story Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Every Little Step: My Story by Bobby Brown

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In Every Little Step, Brown will for the first time tell the full story of his life and set the record straight, particularly about his relationship with Whitney Houston.



  • Bobby's tale is truly fantastic. Once I caught the BET film, I was compelled to grab the book. However, I would highly recommend cranking up the speed to 1.25. If not, his narration becomes quite hard to tolerate. Nonetheless, the book is definitely worth the investment.
  • I was a fan of New Edition and Bobby Brown growing up, so I was well aware of the rumors and events he talks about in this book. However, after listening to his story, my perception of Bobby definitely shifted. It's great that he finally opened up and gave us a glimpse into his life, addressing both his fans and critics.
  • I really liked this book overall and getting to hear his perspective. Once I finished listening to this book, it made me realize that I had formed my opinion of Bobby Brown solely because of my love for Whitney Houston. At first, I was going to ask for a refund because of the way Bobby narrated the book, but then I came across a review that suggested speeding up the pace, and that made a big difference. I'm glad I stuck with it and listened to the whole book. I definitely think it's worth recommending.
  • I have to say, this book was extremely disappointing. It's honestly hard to believe how lacking in literacy skills this man is. It's almost unbelievable that he struggles to read, and his voice just comes across as foolish. Additionally, the way he discusses his sex life is absolutely repulsive. It's truly hard to stomach. I'm at a loss for words, really. He truly acts like a pig, and his level of arrogance is off the charts. He seems to believe he's quite something. I really wish someone would set him straight. I couldn't even continue listening to this. Rest in peace, Whitney. You were a beautiful soul, and I'm grateful you escaped from this despicable individual. Thumbs down.
  • Even though it was cool to listen to Bobby Brown sharing his story, he seemed to have some difficulty with the language. It's pretty obvious when he's reading the parts that were written by the "ghost writers" because he puts his own colorful spin on it. But overall, the story kept me engaged. If you're curious about Bobby Brown's perspective, then you should definitely check out Every Little Step: My Story, whether you listen to it or read it. Thanks for sharing your story, Bobby!
  • This book is really good! It would be even better if you could listen to it at a slightly faster pace. The first chapter was a bit difficult to get through, but as I mentioned earlier, simply speeding it up a bit would solve that issue.
  • Bobby B. Brown has had a roller-coaster of a life, filled with both heartbreak and joy, intensity and fun. He doesn't hold back, openly discussing the highs and lows he's faced. With a humorous and lively tone, he shares his life journey, even dropping names as he recounts his experiences. He doesn't beat around the bush, providing a genuine and truthful account of his perspective, motivations, and the choices he's made. If you're a fan of Bobby Brown, this book will definitely be a treat for you.
  • As a lifelong New Edition fan and someone who believes that Bobby Brown wasn't responsible for Whitney Houston's downfall, I was incredibly intrigued to learn more about his story in "Every Little Step: My Story". While the narrative was interesting, there were moments where the transitions felt a bit disjointed. Bobby would often talk about certain periods from different angles in various chapters, instead of providing a clear timeline. However, these storytelling quirks did shed light on different aspects of his life, and it became evident that it was crucial for him to convey his true self to readers. I could feel the sincerity and passion in his words, although I did wish that some unnecessary information had been edited out. Another issue I had was with the narration of the audiobook; I found it difficult to listen to Bobby's performance and had to increase the playback speed. It would have been better if he had enlisted a voice actor to read certain parts, while he focused on specific segments. Overall, my hope is that Bobby finds inner peace and can truly enjoy his life. ❤
  • Bobby Brown didn't do well as a narrator. His reading abilities were lacking and they should have hired a professional narrator instead. It was tough to make it through the whole book with him doing the talking.