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David Wolfe's life is approaching an exhilarating peak: a successful San Francisco lawyer, he's about to get married and has been primed for a run for Congress. But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif-the Palestinian woman with whom he had a passionate affair in law school-he begins a completely unexpected journey. The day after Hana's call, the Prime Minister of Israel is assassinated by a suicide bomber; soon, Hana herself is accused of being the mastermind behind the murder. Now David must make an agonizing decision: Will he, a Jew, represent Hana-who may well be guilty-or will he turn away a woman he can never forget? Ultimately David's guest takes him to Israel and the West Bank, where, in a series of harrowing encounters, he learns that appearances are not at all what they seem. Culminating in a tense and startling trial with international ramifications, Exile is that rare audiobook that both entertains and enlightens. At once an intricate tale of betrayal and deception, a moving love story, and a fascinating journey into the lethal politics of the Middle East, this is Richard North Patterson at his most brilliant and engrossing.



  • Coming back to this series after years and discovering that it is just as fantastic as I recall is a true testament to the skill of Salvatore. However, I must admit that while listening to the audiobook, Victor Bevine's portrayal of Clacker did become a bit repetitive and monotonous. Nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that he put in more effort than simply giving a lackluster performance. I commend his dedication and consistency throughout the narration.
  • I'm really digging the overall vibe and the characters in this book. They're a mix of good and bad, but all of them have a purpose and resonate with me on a deep level. I feel a strong connection to the protagonist and his journey to find acceptance. The narration is top-notch as well.
  • I read this series and the Crystal Shard trilogy many years ago when they were first published. I've been following the life and experiences of Drizzt the Drow Elf for a long time now. So, when I found out that they were released as audiobooks, I couldn't contain my excitement. And let me tell you, it was totally worth it! Victor Bevine, the narrator, does an amazing job bringing these novels to life. His voice is just perfect, and he gives each character a unique and vibrant personality. I've already downloaded this trilogy and the Crystal Shard trilogy, and I can't wait to listen to them over and over again. What's even better is that I'm sharing these audiobooks with my 10 and 11-year-old kids, and using them to teach important life lessons. These books show that you can rise above your circumstances and become whatever you want to be. It's not always easy, but living a principled life is definitely worth it. A big shoutout to the service for reintroducing me to these fantastic books!
  • I bought the first two books in the Drizzt trilogy after my friend recommended them. Unfortunately, I found the author's plots to be quite superficial and lacking connection. It seems like he draws inspiration from other shows, including a scene that reminded me of a Star Trek episode. The way it was randomly inserted without any clear purpose was quite jarring. To be honest, I had to listen to the narrator at three times the normal speed just to push through and complete the story. However, even with that, I couldn't bring myself to finish it. I gave up around halfway and removed it from my device.
  • This is a fantastic fantasy book where the distinction between good and evil is sometimes obvious, but difficult to define. In 'Exile', we delve deeper into the mysterious Underdark and encounter its fascinating inhabitants. The story picks up ten years after the events of 'Homeland', with Drizzt facing both new allies and old enemies. The world-building continues to be exceptional, providing a rich and immersive experience. While the first book focuses on developing various characters, the sequel hones in on Drizzt and his unique perspective. The author concludes with the promise of more exciting adventures for Drizzt in the next installment of this thrilling trilogy. The narrator delivers the story with a clear and pleasant voice, making it a joy to listen to.
  • The plot was interesting and original. The author was very knowledgeable about the middle east, but I, being fairly ignorant about that geographical area, was lost. First, all the Arabic names confused me. Then all the place names. Then all the political titles and history. I like to learn about new ideas and I did actually learn a great deal, but I find myself not caring enough about the plot to continue with the second half of the book. It was all just too heavy and detailed for a reader who has not had enough exposure to the complicated and bitter religious ideology of the Palestinians and Jews in that area. I could see how another reader would devour this book as it is a masterpiece.