Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook by Ray Bradbury [Free Download]

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

The readers can download Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook by Ray Bradbury narrates the story of dystopian future where television is the sole ruler of people’s attention and literature is about to be extinct and society depends on firefighters to destroy books which attempt to peace and tranquility in the world.

Once the extinguishers of fires, in the chapters of Ray Bradbury’s masterpiece they are now the ones who start the fire in order to destroy those books. The audiobook follows the story of Montag, a fireman, who is not totally used to the role he has to do in the world. Discontent with his censorship role, it only takes the meeting of his teenage girl neighbor, Clarisse, to start changing his ideals about his job and the world he lives in. The young girl exposes her free-thinking and liberal thoughts and Montag feels a certain attraction to her ideas and they start to meet regularly. The sudden death of Clarisse told him by his wife, the witnessing of a woman’s suicide during a book burning process, and the constant presence of the mechanic dog known as The Hound forces Montag to quit his job and escape from the city to start a new life with the book-lovers, after the destruction of the city.


Fahrenheit 451 Audiobook by Ray Bradbury takes advantage of the voice of Tim Robbinsin this edition to give the masterwork of science-fiction and dystopian universe into a remarkable and pleasant listening. With a length of 5 hours and 1 minute, the voice and rhythm given by Robbins is really effective, getting praise in every fan and critic of this audiobook version.

Besides being written in 1953, this masterpiece has not lost its appeal and it is still applied to the certain conditions presented nowadays – especially those related to the mass media domination in the field of entertainment and the scarce habit of reading among most people in the world nowadays.

The original material has been awarded several times by the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1954), the Commonwealth Club of California (that same year). In 1984 it won the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award and a 1954 Retro Hugo Award, one of only five Best Novel Retro Hugos given. In 1976, Bradbury got a Grammy nomination for the audiobook version of his masterpiece. Likewise, the Tim Robbins audiobook version has won the Earphones Award granted by AudioFile Magazine.

The importance of this Bradbury’s book in popular culture has been reflected in different mass media like TV and comic books (an adaption as graphic novel took place in 2009). There is also a computer video game based on the book as well as a theater play written by Bradbury himself at the end of the seventies, but its premiere took place in 1988 in the United States. This stage version differs from the original material and took some elements from the first movie adaption (François Truffaut, 1966). In the year 2018 a new filmic version was premiered in the Cannes Film Festival, receiving mixed reviews similar to the 1966 version (although the original film has gained a cult status as time went by). But there will always be the book or this particular audiobook to enjoy the great work Ray Bradbury made at the moment of writing this novel.

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