Forever My Girl Audiobook The Beaumont Series [Free Download by Trial]

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Forever My Girl: The Beaumont Series, Book 1

The readers can download Forever My Girl: The Beaumont Series Audiobook by Heidi McLaughlin for free via Audible Free Trial.

Written By: Heidi McLaughlin
Narrated By: Stephanie Rose, Nelson Hobbs
Date: October 10, 2017
Duration: 6 hours and 35 minutes

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction & Literature, Contemporary


Liam Westbury comes from a strict family where he was supposed to meet the expectations of his parents. However, they never asked Liam about his career aspirations. He fell in love with Josie in high school. He had a perfect life- a loving girlfriend and a chance to pursue an NFL career. However, he started aspiring to become a rock star. He quit the school and left Josie behind to pursue his dreams of becoming a rock star. His musical career progressed but he always felt the pain and misery of what he had left behind to pursue his dreams. Liam’s best friend passes away in a car accident and he returns back to attend the service.

Josie was abandoned by Liam and she felt the pain of it. It caused her great discomfort and heartache thinking that the man she loved and once wanted to marry, did not want her in his life. Liam comes back home and learns that Josie is a single mother- the mother of his son. Liam tries to mend ways and make his and Josie’s relationship better. However, she is already engaged to someone else. How Liam reconnects to Josie forms the remainder of the book.


Forever My Girl Audiobook — is the first in the Beaumont series authored by Heidi McLaughlin. The best seller book details out the love relationship of Liam Westbury and Josie who are high school lovers. The pain which Josie goes through when Liam suddenly leaves her to become a rock star, the emptiness felt by Liam and Josie and their reconnect when Liam returns back forms the core of the book.


The author’s style of writing is fluid and she details out the characters very effectively. It is very impressive debut by the author. The author’s treatment of the love story of Liam and Josie is commendable. The way Liam’s character has been sketched and detailed out is also very descriptive. The dilemma faced by Josie when Liam returns in choosing between him and her fiancé Nick is also handled in a delicate yet mature manner. Heidi McLaughlin is currently writing the next book in the Beaumont series.