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Forrest Gump by Winston Groom

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Meet Forrest Gump, the lovable, hurculean, and surprisingly savy hero of this remarkable comic odyssey. After accidentally becoming the star of Univerity of Alabama's football team, Forrest goes on to become a Vietnam War hero, a worl-class Ping-Pong player, a villainous wrestler, and a business tycoon -- as he wonders with cildlike wisdome at the insanity all around him. In between misadentures, he manages to compare battle scars with Lyndon Johnson, discover the truth about Richard Nixon, and survive the ups and downs of remaining true to his only love, Jenny, on an extraordinary journey through three decades of the American cultural landscape. Forrest gump has one heck of a story to tell -- and you've got to read it to believe it....



  • I can totally see where the movie drew its inspiration from, but this book definitely reflects the time it was written and it's not a good look. The Forrest Gump in the novel is portrayed as an autistic savant. Speaking as someone from the autistic community, it was quite challenging to get through. The situations the character finds himself in are incredibly unrealistic and at times, it feels like a mockery of neurodivergent individuals. At every step of the absurd journey, someone is either taking advantage of or making fun of this character. On a positive note, the narration was solid. Mark Hammer did a fantastic job bringing Forrest to life, although there wasn't much variation in the performance to distinguish between different characters. Overall, I would recommend sticking to the nostalgia we all have for the movie. They did a great job of removing many of the book's worst parts and making the character's adventures more believable.
  • I don't know if I'll be able to complete this book. I enjoyed the movie way more! It's the first time I've ever liked a movie more than the book. In the movie, Forrest is more innocent and appealing. However, in the book, he swears and doesn't charm me as much. Tom Hanks did an incredible job portraying this character in the film. The book's narrator, on the other hand, didn't quite live up to expectations.
  • This book was a major letdown for me. If I had read it before watching the movie, I would not have bothered with the film at all. I mean, seriously, Forrest Gump in space? That concept is so unrealistic and uninteresting. Furthermore, the narrator did a terrible job. Their attempt at a Southern accent was a total fail. I highly advise against investing your time or money in this book.
  • The beginning is alright, but the film and the actual book don't live up to expectations. In the movie, you appreciate Forrest, but in the book, he comes across as a complete idiot. Plus, I don't understand how the whole concept of flying in a space capsule with a baboon for a day and then landing on a beach near a tribe that wants to eat you fits into the story.