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H Is for Hawk

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When Helen Macdonald’s father died suddenly on a London street, she was devastated. An experienced falconer captivated by hawks since childhood, she’d never before been tempted to train one of the most vicious predators: the goshawk. But in her grief, she saw that the goshawk’s fierce and feral anger mirrored her own. Resolving to purchase and raise the deadly creature as a means to cope with her loss, she adopted Mabel and turned to the guidance of The Once and Future King author T. H. White’s chronicle The Goshawk to begin her journey into Mabel’s world. Projecting herself “in the hawk’s wild mind to tame her” tested the limits of Macdonald’s humanity.



  • Since I started using this service, I've listened to a bunch of audiobooks, but "H Is for Hawk" is the first one I've heard where the author is actually the narrator. And let me tell you, it took the experience to a whole new level. The emotions were so powerful and the way the events were described felt like beautiful poems. I'm not gonna lie, I was really bummed when it was over.
  • I don't get what the big deal is with this book, to be honest. It didn't resonate with me at all. It could have worked better as a shorter essay, but the author just keeps stretching it out unnecessarily. The longer she goes on, the less interested I became. I struggled to get through even half of it.
  • A forlorn woman's memoir of bereavement begins well, with her memories and comparisons with the life of TH White, but her constant evaluation of every thought, word, and deed quickly becomes tedious, as she slowly devolves into grim self-indulgence and an excuse to behave badly.At first I had compassion for her, but by the end I disliked her justification for every sort of rudeness and demands on other people. Would not recommended this book unless one has a particular interest in training hawks.
  • The first time I listened to this book, I didn't like it very much. The narrator's voice did not hold my interest. I decided to listen to it again and to listen intently. This time I find the book captivating. If ins the information about Hawks / Goshawks very interesting. I am enjoying the author's story along with T.H. White's story . So glad I gave it a second chance!