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Grave Secrets

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"Fans of TV's CSI: Crime Scene Investigation should be in heaven" (People) stepping into the world of forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan, star of Kathy Reichs' electrifyingly authentic bestsellers.



  • This was a great story. There were many different plots going on and lots of interesting characters. The explosive civil turbulence that took place in Guatemala for 30 years was fascinating to learn about and of course, disturbing at the same time. The forensic anthropology lessons were also very interesting and made the murder investigations personal-waiting to hear how the cat hairs found on the victim, or the tiny bones wrapped up in a shirt sleeve would help find the killer(s). I thought this book was narrated very well and it definitely kept me interested all the way through. This was the first Kathy Reichs book I've listened to and I will do be renting another one of her titles soon.
  • This book is quick paced plot and an interesting read. The author did an excellent job describing more than I needed to know about a septic tank. Reichs is an author that I look for when I want a good read.
  • A typical entertaining Reichs read/listen. I am a Reichs fan, so my review is biased. Good descriptive writing, with believable dialogue. Temperance, the main character, is a strong, well educated, smart woman who knows what she wants (most of the time) and is unafraid to show her independence, even when her beliefs are different from the crowd. Good woman's book for motivation, and my husband liked it too.
  • I liked this book, and the first one I have listened too/read by Reichs, which I only did because of the TV show Bones. The writing is very descriptive but well balanced. I'm not the best person to judge mysteries, but I did think it was well done.
  • This was the first novel by Kathy Reichs that I have "read". It was kind of slow at first, but about half-way through it became much more interesting. I think that there might have been a few too many threads going on at the same time, with what seemed like a rushed tie-up on some of them. I am definitely going to give some of her other books a try.
  • If you enjoy Kathy Reichs, you will enjoy the story. The narrator is somber given the serious nature of the crimes and I tried to accept this as a creative interpreation. However, it just turned on horrific crime versus, not a dramatic reading for enjoyment/entertainment.