The Last Dive: A Father and Son’s Fatal Descent into the Ocean’s Depths Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths by Bernie Chowdhury

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Chris and Chrissy Rouse, an experienced father-and-son scuba diving team, hoped to achieve widespread recognition for their outstanding but controversial diving skills. Obsessed and ambitious, they sought to solve the secrets of a mysterious, undocumented World War II German U-boat that lay under 230 feet of water, only a half-day's mission from New York Harbor. In doing so, they paid the ultimate price in their quest for fame. Bernie Chowdhury, himself an expert diver and a close friend of the Rouses', explores the thrill-seeking world of deep-sea diving, including its legendary figures, most celebrated triumphs, and gruesome tragedies. By examining the diver's psychology through the complex father-and-son dynamic, Chowdhury illuminates the extreme sport diver's push toward,and sometimes beyond,the limits of human endurance.



  • This book is absolutely devastating... I've had the chance to explore three different books about Chris and Chrissy Rouse, either read or listened to. Among them, this one stands out as the most intricate and emotionally shattering. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend it.
  • 1) This book couldn't be more different from Shadow Divers, which focused on U-who. Instead, it delves into the personal stories of four individuals, spanning their entire lives. 2) Once you get through the first chapter, it becomes a thrilling listen. 3) Warning: if you're bothered by hearing people breathe, this audiobook may not be for you. The narrator's every breath is service. However, aside from that, the narration is expressive and well-executed. 4) The author provides intricate details, which I found fascinating as a diver who has experienced decompression sickness before. However, those unfamiliar with diving may find themselves lost amid explanations of gas bubbles. Haha! 5) All in all, it's a good book with a good narrator. That being said, it can't quite measure up to the masterpiece that is Shadow Divers. Nevertheless, I encourage you to give it a go and enjoy it in its own right!
  • As someone who loves diving, it's definitely disheartening to learn about the lives lost in the story being recounted. However, what makes this book truly captivating is that it not only provides a detailed biography of these events, but also delves into the extensive history of diving. The author takes you on a journey through the years of underwater exploration, specifically related to the individuals in the story. Moreover, if you happen to be a diver yourself, you might just glean some life-saving tips from the thorough descriptions of each accident. I wholeheartedly endorse this book and couldn't stop reading it.
  • I can't say this book is amazing, because there's nothing amazing about the tragic deaths of two divers, a father and son. However, it's a compelling read that really makes you think about the fragility of life and serves as an important reminder about safety when it comes to SCUBA diving. I would definitely recommend this book to both new and experienced divers.
  • If you're not a scuba enthusiast, fret not! 'The Last Dive: A Father and Son's Fatal Descent into the Ocean's Depths' is still a captivating read that can keep you hooked. However, if you do happen to be a diver, you're in for a treat. This audiobook offers a unique blend of technical details and storytelling that is both informative and engrossing. And the best part? It's presented in a way that's easily comprehensible, even for those who may not be familiar with the ins and outs of diving.