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Highland Surrender by Tracy Brogan

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To seal a fragile truce, Fiona Sinclair's brothers trade her in marriage to their sworn enemy. Though devastated by their betrayal, she has little choice in the matter, for if she refuses, her innocent young sister must take her place. The spirited Fiona is willing to sacrifice her freedom to protect her kin, but she vows never to surrender her heart. As the eldest son of a clan chief, Myles Campbell is accustomed to having his own way. But when the king of Scotland commands he wed a defiant Highland lass instead of a French mademoiselle, Myles must obey his royal duty. Meeting his bride for the first time on their wedding day, he is pleased to discover the lass is a beauty, but she quickly proves she'd just as soon kill him as kiss him. When two such warrior spirits collide, sparks fly, igniting a fiery passion that strains against the bonds of family honor, clan loyalty - and the ultimate surrender - love.



  • I really enjoyed reading "Highland Surrender" as it was a captivating and well-crafted story. The characters were fantastic and added depth to the overall experience. I highly recommend it and I'm eagerly anticipating more books from this author. Definitely worth checking out!
  • I had a tough time getting through this book, but the storyline is actually quite enjoyable. The narrator has this odd tendency of raising her voice at the end of almost every sentence, giving the impression that she's either in distress or irritated. However, I must say that her accents are truly outstanding. I won't be buying another audiobook with the same narrator, but I'll definitely consider works by the same author.
  • I attempted to disregard the reader's intense attempt at imitating the characters' accents as it was a bit overwhelming, but the story had its moments of interest. At times, I felt a tightening sensation in my throat due to her strained and forced delivery. I fail to comprehend the positive feedback others have given regarding her performance. In my opinion, this individual either requires more training as a reader or should consider pursuing a different profession. I will be returning this audiobook.
  • When it comes to audiobooks and the people who narrate them, I can be really particular. However, I must say that "Highland Surrender" really impressed me. The story was captivating and managed to hold my attention throughout. I must give credit to the narrator, who did an amazing job bringing the characters to life. They truly added to my enjoyment of the book. The only downside for me was that the romance aspect felt a bit lacking.
  • I absolutely adore the Highland tales. The intensity and excitement in this one are off the charts... Perfect for those who are Highland story enthusiasts. Fiona is forced into a marriage with her sworn enemy, but unexpectedly falls in love when she discovers that her mother was once in love with her new husband's father. It's a bit wild, and yes, there might be some intermarrying of cousins involved... but it all adds up to an engaging storyline. Highly recommend using a credit for this one. Don't bother buying, just wait until you have a credit. The narration was solid, no complaints there.
  • I really liked Highland Surrender. I'm crossing my fingers that there will be more books about the Campbell's in the future. The plot of the story was quite substantial for a romantic novel. Sarah Coomes did an outstanding job as the narrator. She truly breathed life into the characters. I'm eager to listen to more audiobooks by Tracy Brogan. This one is definitely worth using a credit for. Happy listening!
  • 'Highland Surrender' captures the essence of what makes historical romance so captivating. I adore how the time period allows the author to explore the concept of arranged marriages and the contrast between a resilient female protagonist in an era when women's rights were severely restricted. What truly resonates with me in this book is Tracy Brogan's portrayal of Fiona, a determined woman who fiercely protects her family. Unlike other authors who might have taken Fiona's loyalty to extreme lengths, Brogan strikes a perfect balance by infusing her character with intelligence and the ability to recognize the truth. Myles, the male lead, is absolutely endearing, and you'll find yourself rooting for him throughout the entire story, eagerly anticipating his triumph in winning Fiona's heart. I found Sarah Croomes' narration to be exceptional. Her flawless accent and skillful differentiation of the various voices of the characters truly enhance the listening experience. Overall, if you have a fondness for historical romance novels, particularly those set in the highlands, 'Highland Surrender' is an excellent choice that will undoubtedly captivate you.