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Home Again

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At the center of Home Again is Madelaine - a brilliant cardiologist, a loving mother, a tender friend, and a woman full of self-doubt. It is also the story of her confused and angry daughter, Lina, and of the two very different men Madelaine loves: Francis, a priest searching for his faith, and Angel, a talented but cynical man with a broken heart. When tragedy suddenly brings them all together, they must learn to forgive the betrayals of the past and find the courage to love again. "[A] memorable story of love and redemption." - Library Journal "All the world loves Kristin Hannah." - Newsday




  • Compared to the exceptional novels "Winter Garden," "Firefly Lane," and "Night Road," "Home Again" was just average. It lacked the same impact and memorability. If this had been my introduction to Hannah's books, I'm not sure I would have continued reading (or listening). The narrator's habit of ending every sentence on a high note, as if asking a question, was incredibly irritating. This was particularly noticeable with the main character, making the cardiac surgeon sound indecisive and ditzy.
  • I've gone through quite a few audiobooks by Kristen Hannah, and I must say, "Home Again" was not quite my cup of tea. The protagonist didn't really strike a chord with me, as they held onto some pretty heavy secrets that had the potential to bring two lives crashing down.
  • I enjoyed it, but I didn't absolutely adore it. The storyline was quite predictable, which was a bit disappointing. However, what I really liked were the interconnections between the characters. It reminded me of a Hallmark movie, in a good way. Overall, it was a decent story.
  • This audiobook, 'Home Again', truly captures the essence of true love and compassion. I found myself yearning for it to continue endlessly, as it left a lasting impression on me. It will forever remain etched in my mind with cherished memories. I am immensely grateful to Kristin Hannah for her profound understanding of the human heart. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story. ❤️
  • Kristin Hannah is an incredibly talented writer. She has a knack for using the perfect words to immerse you in the story. At first, I was a bit disappointed with her choice of "donors" as it felt a bit cliché, not her usual style. However, as I continued listening to the story, I understood why she made that decision. I have to admit...I cried my eyes out. It felt so authentic - I couldn't hold back. It brought back memories of two recent losses in my life and uncovered emotions I thought I had already dealt with. I must have gone through a ton of tissues...clearly I hadn't processed everything yet. Tanya Eby did an excellent job with the narration as well. Her tone of voice added so much depth to the overall experience. She delivered a fantastic performance.