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Honest Illusions

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As the daughter of a world-renowned magician who is equally accomplished as a jewel thief, Roxy Nouvelle inherits her father's genius. Dashing escape artist Luke Callahan also possesses a gift for relieving the wealthy of their valuables. Brought up together, Roxy and Luke are partners first in illusion, then in crime, and finally in passion. But the shadow of his past stalks Luke, forcing him to vanish or see his loved one ruined. Years of hollow fame and lonely affluence pass before Roxy and Luke reunite to execute the most daring heist of their careers and to exact sweet revenge.



One comment

  • nora roberts knows how to write a suspenseful story. this one is a little different in that Roxy does the chasing. She and Callahan have a passionate relationship and it endures to the end of the story. This in spite of various difficulties they have to handle. I felt that the characters were well developed, the theme believable and the story consistent. I was a bit disappointed in the ending. After a big build up and the revenge worked out we didnt get to hear the final defeat of the evil one.