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Honest Illusions

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As the daughter of a world-renowned magician who is equally accomplished as a jewel thief, Roxy Nouvelle inherits her father's genius. Dashing escape artist Luke Callahan also possesses a gift for relieving the wealthy of their valuables. Brought up together, Roxy and Luke are partners first in illusion, then in crime, and finally in passion. But the shadow of his past stalks Luke, forcing him to vanish or see his loved one ruined. Years of hollow fame and lonely affluence pass before Roxy and Luke reunite to execute the most daring heist of their careers and to exact sweet revenge.




  • I'm a fan of Nora Roberts and appreciate her dedication to researching her subjects. Although "Honest Illusions" follows her typical storytelling style with some predictability, it still manages to be an enjoyable read. However, I must admit that Sandra Burr's narration left a lot to be desired. The conversations lacked naturalness and often felt like scenes from a soap opera. There were moments when it seemed like she couldn't remember which character she was supposed to be voicing, making it difficult to connect with the characters. Unfortunately, her narration became so bothersome that I couldn't bring myself to complete the book.
  • I absolutely adored this book! The characters were fantastic and I adored the depth that it delved into their backgrounds. It would be incredible to have two different narrators to bring out the male and female voices even more!
  • I've gone through both the print and audio versions of 'Honest Illusions' multiple times, and it never fails to keep me entertained. The story manages to capture both joyful occasions and heart-wrenching moments, particularly with the portrayal of Alzheimer's. Without a doubt, this book holds a special place among my favorites. Sandra Burr does an outstanding job as the narrator, bringing the story to life.
  • I absolutely adore this story! It's incredibly endearing and impactful. I find myself unable to resist listening to it repeatedly. It's a must-listen, highly recommended for you!
  • I have to say, Nora Roberts' 'Honest Illusions' is definitely one of my top favorites! The plot is so imaginative and intricate. I really appreciated how it began with the characters' childhood meeting and continued on throughout their adult lives. It was a thrilling experience to go on this journey with Luke and Roxy, as they ventured into adulthood and explored their roles as jewel thieves disguised as talented magicians. The combination of glamour, excitement, and unexpected twists and turns really captivated me. The deep-rooted love and passion, sprinkled with a touch of heartbreak, kept me hooked and eager to keep listening. While some may not have enjoyed the narration, I personally thought the narrator did a fantastic job with the various voices. And let's not forget about the satisfying and joyous ending that tied everything together perfectly! My advice is to give this audiobook a listen and form your own opinion. Remember, it's a work of fiction meant to be enjoyed and provide an escape from reality. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Cheers!
  • The voiceover felt like it was done by a robotic speaker, and there were moments in the book where it seemed like the narrator was rushing through the story. Overall, the book itself was enjoyable, but the audio quality left much to be desired.
  • nora roberts knows how to write a suspenseful story. this one is a little different in that Roxy does the chasing. She and Callahan have a passionate relationship and it endures to the end of the story. This in spite of various difficulties they have to handle. I felt that the characters were well developed, the theme believable and the story consistent. I was a bit disappointed in the ending. After a big build up and the revenge worked out we didnt get to hear the final defeat of the evil one.