House to House: An Epic Memoir of War Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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House to House: An Epic Memoir of War

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In one of the most compelling combat narratives ever written, Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, Army infantry platoon leader, gives a teeth-rattling, first-hand account of eleven straight days of heavy house-to-house fighting during the climactic second battle of Fallujah.



  • I absolutely loved listening to "House to House: An Epic Memoir of War" because the author's writing style was both relatable and captivating. It made my recent road trips so much more enjoyable. This book provided me with a completely unique perspective on the situations 'over there', unlike anything I've seen or heard from other media sources. However, I should warn you that there is quite a bit of profanity in the style of front-line infantry, rather than the conventional documentary format. So, if that kind of language offends you, it might be best to avoid it. Personally, I found myself bursting into laughter numerous times throughout the book.
  • Wow, this one really had an impact on me. You see, my own son is serving in the army as a non-commissioned officer, just like Staff Sergeant Bellavia. He experienced the brutal reality of this war in Iraq during the surge, witnessing the daily loss of his fellow soldiers. However, he wasn't an infantryman like Bellavia; he was a mechanic. He had to clean up the gruesome aftermath, removing the remains and blood from the vehicles, only to have them returned destroyed once again. It took a toll on him, leaving him with survivor's guilt. And then, to make matters worse, his younger brother was deployed to Iraq as well. This sensitive young man left behind his newborn son to fight a war he couldn't fully comprehend. What he did understand was the bond of brotherhood, fighting to protect and keep each other alive, just like Staff Sergeant Bellavia. Even though he wasn't an infantryman either, but a small arms repairman, in the heat of battle, soldiers adapt and do what needs to be done. Like going out on the Tigris River to repair a water pump, being shot at, a story we didn't discover until years later. These soldiers carry a trunk full of memories, like slow-motion movies, buried deep within them, rarely surfacing. That's why it's such a sacrifice for Staff Sergeant Bellavia to share such a personal account of his time in Iraq. As an army mom and the wife of a retired Sergeant Major, I truly appreciate and value his willingness to open up. This memoir isn't about political correctness, it's about raw truth. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you choose to listen to it. You won't find this kind of real, unfiltered account on the news. Thank you, Staff Sergeant Bellavia, for shedding light on the realities of war.
  • This audiobook, 'House to House: An Epic Memoir of War', seems to have a foundation in reality and begins decently enough. However, as the story progresses, it becomes more and more foul-mouthed, with the author seemingly absorbed in portraying themselves as an incredibly tough individual. Additionally, there are a few technical inaccuracies, such as the mention of the author lighting a thermite grenade and white phosphorous dripping out. This leads me to believe that the co-author had a significant influence on the book, perhaps unnecessarily dramatizing it. Overall, while it has a promising premise and storyline, it is marred by excessive profanity, an unhealthy preoccupation with graphic violence, and an overdramatic approach.