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I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

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When Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train, she thinks nothing of it - until she realises they are fresh out of prison and her maternal instinct is put on high alert. But just as she's decided to call for help, something stops her. The next day, she wakes up to the news that one of the girls - beautiful, green-eyed Anna Ballard - has disappeared.



  • This book seemed to drag on endlessly and took an incredibly long time to progress. It lacked any sense of suspense and failed to establish believability. Moreover, it failed to capture my interest and consistently bored me to the point where I abandoned it more often than I continued reading it. Ultimately, I have no one to blame but myself for it taking nearly four weeks to complete. If I had known that nothing significant would happen until chapter 46, I would have skipped ahead, as everything in between was simply foolish, unnecessary, and overly suspicious. To say that the plot was lacking substance would be a gross understatement, and the ending felt completely detached from the rest of the book, making it nonsensical. I'm relieved that I accessed this book through Kindle Unlimited and didn't pay any extra for it.
  • I found this book to be quite disappointing. While I understand the intention behind the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, they left me wanting more and not enough of the story was revealed to satisfy my curiosity and make me eager to continue reading. Additionally, the author failed to make the characters likable enough for me to truly care about their fate. It felt like this may have been the author's first attempt at writing a book. Furthermore, the last two chapters left numerous unanswered questions, leaving me feeling unsatisfied. I hope the author improves in their next endeavor as this one fell short of my expectations. Overall, a very underwhelming experience.
  • Wow, this book was absolutely terrible. So, there's this girl who goes missing, and then there are like four people (I think, but honestly, I disliked them so much I can't even remember) who just keep blabbering on and on about themselves. The main character keeps saying like ten times that she would have done something to help the girl, but then she overhears the girl's friend having sex in a train bathroom and decides they're not "nice" girls. Great, thanks for the slut-shaming and reinforcing the idea that women who enjoy sex deserve to die. The second person, who is the friend, complains endlessly about how inconvenient it is that the police want to talk to her. Wonderful, thanks for your help, and also for reminding us that teenagers can be incredibly self-absorbed and whiny. It only gets worse from there. I found myself zoning out multiple times, but it never felt like I missed anything important - just more endless droning and irritation. None of the characters feel like real people, and none of them evoke any empathy whatsoever. The ending comes out of nowhere - like a surprise party that jumps at you from just two inches away. Another review described it as "ham-fisted," which perfectly sums it up. I've been reading a lot from this genre, and this book completely ruined my streak of good reads. Don't waste your valuable credit on this one! Instead, go for anything by Rachel Abbott, or try Silent Child or The Child Finder.