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I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson

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Tentatively titled Awkward Moments with Shane Dawson, YouTube sensation Shane Dawson's first book is a collection of personal essays, highlighting key moments of his adolescence, through his phenomenal success on YouTube (in which he's parodied the celebrity world), and continuing on to his more recent experiences as an actor and director of a feature film (in which he's become the celebrity). The collection will feature the hilarity and satire Shane's fans already enjoy. However, in this book, they will get to see the real Shane behind Shananay through personal stories that are at once humorous and heartwarming, self-deprecating and, ultimately, inspiring to his young audience.



  • I thought this audiobook would be a sure thing with its solid rating of 4.8. However, I was completely caught off guard and let down when I reached my tolerance limit after only an hour. After rereading the reviews, I stumbled upon one that accurately labeled the content as "tacky." That's exactly how I felt. The stories just didn't resonate with me in terms of humor. The issue, of course, is that I'm probably too old to connect with Mr. Dawson. So, consider this a word of caution: if you're beyond high school maturity, you might have a similar experience.
  • The book "I Hate Myselfie" delves into various topics, including eating disorders, so it's important to approach it with caution. Additionally, the author also touches upon the subject of hospital videos.
  • Shane, I gotta say, I'm a huge fan of yours and this book is absolutely incredible. Sending you all the good vibes and hoping you're doing great right now, especially with everything going on with Covid-19. Don't let it bring you down, man!
  • I'm not exactly the target audience for Shane Dawson, but I've seen a few of his videos and find him charming and funny. So, when I saw this book on sale, I thought it would be a fun way to pass the time while doing chores. It's very much in line with his videos - endearing, humorous, and not particularly deep or profound (not that I expected it to be). It's a short read that feels like a guy sharing some stories from his life. The stories are amusing and really showcase Shane's personality. I do think his primary audience is younger than me - I'm a middle-aged working mother in my 40s. So, I believe it would resonate more with his typical younger audience. However, if you're a big fan of Shane, I think it's worth giving this book a quick listen. But if you're not familiar with him or not really into vlogging, you can probably skip this one. One thing I appreciate about Shane is that he pokes fun at himself a lot, which I've noticed in his videos too. But it's not done in a pitying or depressing way - he invites the audience to laugh along with him at his own expense, and that's what I find so charming. As a mother, I can definitely relate to a guy who had his mother as his best friend while growing up.
  • I stopped listening halfway through because the balance between vulgarity and humor became too much for my liking. I understand that many people find enjoyment in the vulgarity, but for me, it needed to be funnier in order to justify it. While the beginning was entertaining, I felt it became less and less worth my time. Despite hating his selfie, the author still comes across as self-centered. On the other hand, the narration was fantastic. It felt more like listening to a live stand-up comedian rather than a reading. However, even with the great performance, it wasn't enough to hold my interest and keep me listening.
  • This book is absolutely amazing, making it an excellent choice for a shared listening experience with your girlfriend, or even when you're feeling a bit bored with your family. I simply cannot express enough how much I adore Shane Dawson.
  • This audiobook is a delightful compilation of tales from the author's teenage years, showcasing his personal battles with weight and other challenges. It seems that he has quite the following among those under 25, and I imagine if you were already familiar with him, it would have been even more captivating. Personally, I'm grateful I found it on sale.
  • In my opinion, although there's a fair amount of self-deprecating humor in this book, there's also a significant amount of humble bragging and self-centeredness which I found a bit off-putting. The majority of the dialogue felt completely unrealistic and forced, and everything was overly exaggerated. While I understand the need for an interesting story and some embellishments, these anecdotes seemed so far-fetched that it's highly likely most of them didn't happen at all. In fact, some chapters felt entirely fabricated, not just stretched truths. For instance, the story about the "same legs" guy sounded completely made up and it made me question the author's perception of the reader's intelligence. I was genuinely disappointed because I had been excited to learn more about Shane's real life and backstory, but instead, all I got were random anecdotes that resembled poorly written sitcom plots. However, I must clarify that I am a fan of Shane and enjoy watching his videos. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be a colossal letdown, and I wish it had been much more authentic. It seems as though the intention was to create an air of authenticity, but it ended up feeling incredibly forced. Apologies for my candor. The only reason I didn't give it a one-star rating is because it did help me fall asleep at night. And no, that's not intended as an insult, it's actually true.