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Wyman Ford is tapped for a secret expedition to Cambodia to locate the source of strangely beautiful gemstones that do not appear to be of this world. A brilliant meteor lights up the Maine coast and two young women borrow a boat and set out for a distant island to find the impact crater. A scientist at the National Propulsion Facility discovers an inexplicable source of gamma rays in the outer Solar System. He is found decapitated, the data missing. High resolution NASA images reveal an unnatural feature hidden in the depths of a crater on Mars and it appears to have been activated. Sixty hours and counting.



  • What a wonderful book. It had a great story line, half action thriller- half sci-fi, and kept you at the edge of your seat. But the best was the characters in the book, especially the hard working stoic Mainers. Another highlight for me were the chapters about the Maine coast and the wonderful description about battling the ocean amid a storm. Having read 'the Perfect Storm' twice, I also listened to those chapters twice. The narrator got the local accents just right, be it California or New York or Maine, he really nailed it. Highly recommend as a perfect escape from reality.