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Left Behind

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When people mysteriously disappear from Captain Rayford Steele's airplane, the world soon learns of the coming apocalyptic battle between good and evil.


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  • I stumbled upon this book by chance, probably because it was on sale, and since I'm a fan of apocalyptic stories, I decided to give it a try. However, the writing quality turned out to be quite amateurish. There were moments where the writing was so unintentionally funny that I couldn't help but burst into laughter, making it a struggle to continue listening. I could provide examples of some questionable writing choices, like the lack of forgiveness in certain situations or characters making jokes on a day where millions of people disappeared. And then there's the odd comparison of milk and cookies to the protagonist's wife. Not to mention the use of words like "sepulcher" that seemed out of place. One peculiar aspect that caught my attention was the idea that some of the disappeared individuals were described as either innocent or very nice people. Apparently, being a very nice person qualifies as a valid reason for disappearing. Ultimately, my disappointment with this audiobook doesn't stem from any religious aspects but rather from the need for better writing and a more skilled narrator.