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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

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Little Women begins the much-loved story of the March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. The girls grow up amidst the turmoils, adventures, and hardships of the American Civil War. There is Meg, the eldest, plump and fair; Jo, the tomboy who longs to be a writer and fights against the constraints of her sex; Beth, shy, timid, and delicate, who brings out the protective instinct in others; and Amy, the youngest and brightest and, at least in her own estimation, the most important. The household is presided over by Mrs. March, their "Marmee," who tries to rule with kindness and to create harmony amongst her four little women.



  • I didn't find much pleasure in listening to this audiobook. I had read and adored this book years ago, but the experience of listening to this version wasn't satisfying. Some of the voices didn't match the characters or even their ages. The whole performance felt overly dramatic and exaggerated. Laura Dern did a decent job as the narrator, but the other voices left much to be desired.
  • I absolutely loved the complete ensemble, the added sound effects, and the background music in this audiobook. I'm extremely grateful that I chose to listen to it because I discovered that the book I had purchased a few years ago only covered the first part of the story! Having the full narrative truly enhanced my experience. In the second part, it was delightful to witness all the characters growing up and evolving from initially bothersome and self-centered children to mature adults. It reminded me of the same captivating atmosphere found in Anne Of Green Gables! I'm now eager to explore the rest of the books in this series.
  • I absolutely adored Little Women when I first read it years ago, but let me tell you, this audio adaptation with a full cast takes the greatness of the book to a whole new level of liveliness.
  • I've never read this book before, and this version was quite perplexing. The voice actors were reading their lines without identifying the characters, which made it very confusing. I was completely lost within the first few minutes, and it was incredibly frustrating.
  • This audiobook was really impressive. I did come across a negative review claiming it didn't stay true to the original book and that the cast wasn't that great, but for me, that's not a big deal. In my opinion, all the performances were outstanding, even though I could only identify Emily and Lauren, also known as Mary Anne and Abby, from other audiobooks they've narrated. Overall, everyone did a fantastic job.
  • This version of Little Women is absolutely stunning and incredibly enjoyable to listen to, just as I mentioned in the title. Laura Dern's narration is simply breathtaking and she absolutely won me over with her performance. Honestly, I would have loved it if she had narrated the entire book. However, I must admit that the actors for the other characters sounded very similar, and their childhood voices felt quite artificial. It was quite amusing how Laurie sounded much older than he should, which often distracted me from the story. But overall, I believe this audiobook is perfect for those who adored the movie or cherished the original novel, although it's important to note that it does omit quite a bit from the book.