Rise of the Elgen: Michael Vey, Book 2 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Rise of the Elgen: Michael Vey, Book 2 by Richard Paul Evans

The readers can download Rise of the Elgen: Michael Vey, Book 2 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Michael must save his mother-and protect his powers-in the electric sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Michael Vey, from Richard Paul Evans.Michael was born with special electrical powers-and he's not the only one. His friend Taylor has them too, and so do other kids around the world. With Michael's friend Ostin, a techno-genius, they form the Electroclan, an alliance meant to protect them from a powerful group, the growing Order of Elgen, who are out to destroy them. The leader of the Elgen, Dr. Hatch, has kidnapped Michael's mother, and time is running out.     After narrowly escaping an Elgen trap, Ostin's discovery of bizarre "rat fires" in South America leads the gang to the jungles of Peru, where the Electroclan meets new, powerful foes and faces their greatest challenge yet as Michael learns the extent of the Elgen's rise in power-and the truth of their plan to "restructure" the world.



  • I really didn't enjoy this book because I had expected the author to include certain details in the story, but then he mentioned that he didn't have to do that. However, later on, I recalled that the author had actually suggested that it would have been preferable to include those details, and yet he still proceeded to write the story without them. This left me feeling somewhat disappointed.
  • I've been a huge fan of the electroclan for a long time and recently listened to the first book with my two boys. I'm thrilled to say that they are now enthusiastic supporters too. They absolutely love it! 💚💚💚💚✨️✨️
  • What an action-packed thrill ride! The intensity never lets up, and the ending captures the essence of real life. Real life doesn't neatly tie up loose ends or provide all the answers. Instead, it takes us from one profound question to another. It's refreshing to come across a book that clearly sets up a sequel yet treats readers with the same uncertainty as real life. It's also fantastic to immerse oneself in the journey of genuine and evolving characters. They make difficult choices and prioritize the needs of others. This book offers valuable life lessons, and my kids will absolutely love it. My 11-year-old daughter already has it downloaded on her Kindle and MP3 player, and she'll finish it in no time. I appreciate the emergence of young adult books that depict a genuine conflict between good and evil, providing positive examples of how to navigate such situations.
  • I was really into the first book and the second one definitely lives up to it. The plot moves along at a fast pace and is full of excitement. It had me laughing out loud several times, especially thanks to the hilarious characters Austin and Max. I genuinely had a great time reading this book. The only downside for me was the cliffhanger ending, but I hope Mr. Evans doesn't keep us waiting too long for book three.