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The powerful debut novel from Alan Brennert, Moloka'i tells the story of Rachel Kalama, a seven-year-old Hawaiian girl who contracts leprosy and is quarantined on the island of Moloka'i during the 1890s. Separated from her family and forced to grow up in the leper colony of Kalaupapa, Rachel experiences intense isolation. But she remains strong, finding moments of joy, and even love. Rich in Hawaiian history, this novel proves itself a stellar piece of historical fiction.



  • The narrator gives off a vibe that makes it seem like she's reading a story meant for a younger audience, but this novel is definitely not suitable for young readers. The author takes a truly distressing situation and demonstrates how life continues even in a leper colony. This story follows a young girl who is forcibly separated from her family at the tender age of six and is placed in a convent run by nuns. Throughout the book, there are contemplations about Catholicism versus the traditional Hawaiian religion. The majority of the story revolves around the girl's coming of age experiences, where she feels and behaves much like any other young girl would. These aspects are not particularly remarkable or captivating. However, certain parts become quite challenging to read when they delve into topics such as changing bandages or the deterioration of skin. I am personally reading this book for a book club, otherwise, I would have returned it hours ago. I'm almost at the end and I'm eagerly looking forward to finishing it.
  • I don't get what the big deal is...and neither did anyone in my book club. Although the plot was intriguing, I must say the writing was pretty awful. As the sole member of the book club who listened to the audiobook, I couldn't help but notice that the narrator's portrayal of the male characters, particularly the father, sounded exactly like Yogi Bear. Every time he said "Hello baby girl," it was hard not to burst out laughing. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this book. I know it's often recommended for book clubs, but the general consensus in my group was quite negative.
  • This is a historical novel with fictitious characters based on real-life people and events in history which I was completely unaware. The narrator was excellent. It is the type of book that makes one appreciate every day, and realize some people are the victims of dreadful diseases which they must endure every second of every day. It also makes clear that one cannot ever know what the feelings are behind other peoples actions.