Neverwhere Audiobook by Neil Gaiman [Free Download by Trial]

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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

The readers can download Neverwhere Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Neverwhere Audiobook by Neil Gaiman is the first novel written by the New York Times best seller author of Altar Boys, Norse Mythology, and American Gods. The story involved with magical realism deals with the life of Richard Mayhem, a young man with a really good heart and a totally ordinary life. He has everything an average person would ask for: a job, an apartment, and fiancée.

One day he was doing his non-extraordinary habitual things, when out of the blue he found a girl on one sidewalk in the city of London. Approaching her, he finds out that she’s bleeding. His good heart indicates him that she deserves some help, and he precisely does it. Little he knew that this small act of kindness will send him into a world he never believed it existed. In this new stage of his life, Richard discovers that there are people who fall through the cracks of the city, and now he becomes one of them. Now he has to learn how to live in this city of shadows and darkness, monsters and saints, murderers and angels, until he returns to the London he knew.


Neverwhere Audiobook by Neil Gaiman has turned into the author’s wildly successful novel as it has been well received by critics and public with the same enthusiasm and favoritism. With the perfect touch of magical realism, not bigger than the one in “Stardust” but bigger than in “Ocean”, this audiobook is a clear example of the imaginative work of Gaiman along his career.

The material gets an added value when the voice of the same author recreates his words in almost 14 hours of listening. At the moment of hearing the narration coming from the author’s voice giver the right tone and you feel every emotion, every detail with an overwhelming enthusiasm.

The characters are complex enough, and the evolution of them, especially the main one, is absolutely convincing and, besides the fantasy surrounding the tale, all of them are truly believable.

The only flaws that could be mentioned from the audiobook is, first, the unusual style Gaiman uses in writing using too many words to express an idea or the usage of words common people hardly uses; in second place, there is a certain predictability in the story and the twists found along the tale are truly predictable mad can be detected long before they take place.

Generally, the story is not a new one, but it is told with fresh air. The dark side of the story helps to set the environment with a modest pace. Neverwhere is an enjoyable tale, a great way and is a fitting introduction to Gaiman’s adult fiction for readers who grew up with “The Graveyard Book” before traversing into his greatest novel, “American Gods”.