Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel, Book 21 by Lee Child

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Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel, Book 21 Audiobook by Lee Child was published in 2016 and is the 21st novel of the Jack Reacher series. The story opens in 1996 when Jack Reacher, who is aged 35 is being given the Legion of Merit for the second time. He is being awarded for successfully carrying out an operation in the Balkan. Reacher is then sent to a classroom training in an unspecified military sub-specialty. He is accompanied by a male agent from FBI and one male agent from CIA on this assignment.

An American soldier has gone awol and has demanded $100 million for something he has possession of. Reacher and his team have to identify the soldier and get to the bottom of the mystery and stop the person from selling the information to potential foes. Reacher and his team reach Hamburg, Germany where the action is based. They contact the Hamburg’s chief of detectives and find that though the country has been reunited only for six years the Neo-Nazis are everywhere. The alliance of these Neo-Nazis is also an interesting aspect of the story.

As Jack and his team set on the trail of their targets, the situation intensifies further. Things take another twist when two Germans also decide to join the action and without knowing the significance of the information they have stumbled upon. Jack and his team do not know this initially and towards the climax of the novel, the tension, and the mystery develops and almost becomes unrelenting.


Night School: A Jack Reacher Novel, Book 21 Audiobook by Lee Child is intricately written and fast-paced with plenty of twists and turns. The novel received rave and positive reviews from the critics and the readers. The readers will not be able to predict the plot and this is the forte of the narrative. Lee takes the readers back in time where internet and mobile phones were not popular and used on a large scale. This makes the investigations and the narrative even more riveting. The Jack Reacher fans will enjoy reading the novel. This is a novel which has scintillating pace and gripping mysteries which are solved as the story progresses. This should be on the must-read list of the readers.