The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands by Stephen King

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The third volume in the #1 nationally bestselling Dark Tower Series, involving the enigmatic Roland (the last gunfighter) and his ongoing quest for the Dark Tower, is "Stephen King at his best" ( School Library Journal ). Several months have passed since The Drawing of the Three , and in The Waste Lands , Roland's two new tet -mates have become trained gunslingers. Eddie Dean has given up heroin, and Odetta's two selves have joined, becoming the stronger and more balanced personality of Susannah Dean. But Roland altered ka by saving the life of Jake Chambers, a boy who-in Roland's world-has already died. Now Roland and Jake exist in different worlds, but they are joined by the same madness: the paradox of double memories. Roland, Susannah, and Eddie must draw Jake into Mid-World and then follow the Path of the Beam all the way to the Dark Tower. There are new dangers to threaten Roland's little band in the devastated city of Lud and the surrounding wastelands, as well as horrific confrontations with Blaine the Mono, the piratical Gasher, and the frightening Tick-Tock Man. The Dark Tower Series continues to show Stephen King as a master of his craft. What lands, what peoples has he visited that are so unreachable to us except in the pages of his incredible books? Now Roland's strange odyssey continues. The Waste Lands follows The Gunslinger and The Drawing of the Three as the third volume in what may be the most extraordinary and imaginative cycle of tales in the English language.



  • I gotta say, Frank Muller absolutely kills it as the narrator for this story. He brings so much life to the characters and really immerses you in the world of the Dark Tower. I'm stoked to hear that he's gonna be narrating the next installment too!
  • This series is my absolute favorite! I've listened to it four times already and I can still recall the next part vividly. However, I'm planning on giving it another listen because it's just that good. Although, I might skip the extra book this time around, as it might be a bit overwhelming to have two story books in a row. But for new readers, it probably won't make a difference. Personally, I remember the next part so well and I can't wait to get to my favorite one, "Wolves in Calla." By the way, the series keeps getting better and better after the fourth book, which is true throughout the whole series.
  • The author mentioned that this book was gaining momentum towards the end, and I concur that it did indeed pick up pace in the final chapter. Unlike the first book, I found it challenging to complete this volume due to the lack of excitement. Initially, I was enthusiastic about reading the entire series after The Gunslinger, but now I am unsure if I will continue.