Oathbringer Audiobook by Brandon Sanderson [Free Download by Trial]

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Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

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Oathbringer Audiobook by Brandon Sanderson is the third book in the epic The Stormlight Archive fantasy series. The plot starts immediately where the last novel The Worlds of Radiance ended. After the tragic end of the previous novels, the readers are taken to the world which is beginning to topple. The superstorms now sweep the complex world of Roshar.

The Evestorms are different from the highstorms as it does not recharge the gemstones and also has effects on any Parshendis it comes in contact with. The Evestorms circles the planet now and together with it brings the spern of crimson lighting, thus waking the docile parshmen. The Knights Radiant should again speak the ancient oaths and defend the humanity from Odium.

Kaladin is empowered from his oath at the end of The World of Radiance and he goes back home to see his parents. He also plans to find the awakened Parshendi and know their plans. Shallan is having a difficult time keeping a tight grip over reality as her powers as a Lightweaver are beginning to seduce her. Dalinar Kholin has lost his home to the invaders and is living in the city of Urithiru. He is struggling to live a peaceful life and he is united with the Stormfather. He is reaching out to Highprinces and rulers of other nations in order to forge an alliance to fight against the forces of the Odium.


Oathbringer Audiobook by Brandon Sanderson received mostly positive reviews from the critics and the readers. The author continues strongly in his epic fantasy series. He has weaved the story consisting of multiple characters and each of the characters has been developed craftily. The readers will be able to relate to the characters and their motivations to act in a particular manner. Sanderson builds the plot slowly and the story grows on the readers.

The plot is totally epic and the readers will end up craving for more. The narrative is simple yet it takes the readers on an epic journey through the fantasy world and their characters. This is a novel which should not be missed at any cost. After completing it, the readers will be desperately waiting for the next book of the series.