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Origin: A Novel by Dan Brown

The readers can download Origin: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Origin by Dan Brown audiobook is a mystery thriller novel and the fifth installment in his Robert Langdon series. The story begins with Robert Langdon, Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology, who arrives at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao to attend an important event that according to its organizer, the announcements made there will change the face of science forever. This organizer is called Edmond Kirsch, the host of the event, who is a billionaire computer scientist, futurist and atheist that is known worldwide for his innovative inventions and his audacious predictions. Kirsch was one of the firsts students of Langdon at Harvard, and his announcement is about to answer two questions that humanity has been trying to explain for decades: "where did we come from?" and "where are we going?".

The event begins and everybody is fascinated by the elaborated and spectacular presentation that Kirsch made, but after the introduction a chaos erupts, shots are fired and Langdon ends up escaping to protect and discover the secret invention that Kirsch was about to reveal. Ambra Vidal, the director of the museum, goes with Lagndon to Barcelona, where they believe they can find a cryptic password that will reveal them the secret of Kirsch.

However, the trip won’t be simple, as they will have to evade an enemy whose power seems to come from Spain’s Royal Palace and who is trying to silence Edmond Kirsch.

Download Origin to follow them through corridors full of hidden history, modern art and enigmatic symbols, and to discover with them the unbelievable finding that was made by Kirsch.


If you are a fan of this author or you are curious about his work, you should definitely check Origin by Dan Brown audiobook. This time Robert Langdon goes through Spain in an attempt to reveal another interesting and fascinating mystery.

After the bad ending of an important event he went to, hosted by Edmond Kirsch, a futurist who was about to make an announcement that was going to change history, Langdon goes from Bilbao to Barcelona to try to decipher a password that will show him the discovery of Kirsch. All of this will be made with the help of Ambra Vidal, the director of the museum where the event was made, and while evading a couple of enemies that will be following them in order to avoid the revealing of Kirsch’s secret.

As the previous audiobook from Dan Brown, this story is full of secrets, puzzles and obscure facts that are worth the reading. The plot is incredibly entertaining and keeps you wanting to know more while you listen to it. It is full of intriguing facts, historical events and real organizations that are involved in the story.

Besides the two main questions that are made in the audiobook ("where did we come from?" and "where are we going?") and that makes us reflect, there are other topics that are discussed and that are relevant nowadays, like fake news, artificial intelligence, technological advances, religion and the dark places of the Internet.

Getting the audiobook will be completely worth it and you won’t regret the decision of submerging in the puzzles that make up the story of Origin by Dan Brown.


What's your review of Dan Brown's "Origin"?

Although it follows the classical formula of Dan Brown’s books, it works. All the elements that an entertaining audiobook needs are present. The story is full of historical facts, puzzles, secrets, plot twists and stunning locations.

Is the audiobook Origin by Dan Brown based on India?

The whole story takes place in Spain but there is an Indian born surveillance specialist Suresh Bhalla. Apart from that, there nothing else related to India.

Is the new Dan Brown book 'Origin' worth reading?

It is, especially if you are a fan of this author or if you are curious about him. The premise is intriguing and the audiobook has a good rhythm which makes you want to know more and more as the story continues.

What do you think about the AI in Dan Brown's latest book "The Origin"? Is it possible with the available technology?

With the current technology that we have it is not possible, but advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence are being made every day and sooner rather than later we will have what is shown in the story.

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