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Reaper's Fall

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The New York Times bestselling author of Reaper's Stand is back in her "uber-alpha rough world of MCs"* as one woman's future is rocked by the man whose hardcore past could destroy her,




  • Nocture Falls isn't just about vampires, you know? Don't get me wrong, I dig them too. But what really impressed me about Kristin Painter's 'Reaper's Fall' is the way she brings the Grim Reaper to life. He's not just some scary dude with a scythe, he's a dad who's going through the same struggles as the rest of us. That relatability really hit home for me. And let me tell you, the way things unfold for the main characters in this story? Total curveball. Caught me off guard in the best way possible.
  • There wasn't much of a genuine love story, as they jumped right into a romantic relationship. The storyline could have used more intensity and suspense. I struggled to make it all the way to the conclusion.
  • It's alright... I've listened to the previous eight books and absolutely adored them, but this one really struggled to hold my attention, even after two days of trying to get through the first chapter. It just didn't captivate me in the same way as the others did. Overall, it's still a decent book, but I wouldn't say it's the best in the series.
  • I was a bit disappointed that they didn't explain what happened to the counterfeit bottle. And what about Cora's mom? How did she pass away? Despite these unanswered questions, I overall loved this story. Although, I must admit, there were moments when it felt like the plot was moving too quickly.
  • This book is like a wild ride with twists and turns, filled with a bunch of bad guys and enemies. Just when you believe it's all wrapped up, another unexpected element of the plot comes out of nowhere to keep you engaged!
  • I absolutely love this series of books. Each story is packed with thrilling and unpredictable romantic twists and dramatic moments that I find incredibly entertaining. I'm always eager to dive into the next book because they never fail to captivate me.
  • I absolutely adored this book! As a huge fan of this writer, I couldn't get enough of it. The story really got me contemplating what I would do if I had three wishes. First and foremost, I would wish to regain my ability to walk again and also maintain a weight of under 200 lbs. Secondly, I would love to have a cozy place near my adorable grand babies where all my belongings would fit perfectly. Lastly, I would wish for my monthly income to double so that I can enjoy a comfortable life.
  • I gotta say, this audiobook is pretty damn awesome! I had a blast listening to it once again! I'm a big fan of the Nocturne Falls series, so it definitely lived up to my expectations!
  • I really like the narration of this book. I am very picky about the reader. If I have to listen to this person for hours on end I need it to sound like ear candy. This book was a pleasure to listen to. The story was good too. I have read another Reaper's book and I really liked both of them. This book is hot and interesting. What more does a person want?