Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes

The readers can download Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


In his latest book, Reposition Yourself, bestselling author T.D. Jakes shares insights that will help readers adjust to the many changes that life brings. This is a shrill wake-up call to take charge of your life now. Not only does it confront areas where subtle passivity or even poor choices may have stifled the reader's creativity, but it also instructs how to manage change and maximize life now. Using wisdom collected from his more than thirty years of counseling and working with everyday and high-profile people, Jakes covers financial, relational, and spiritual creativity and shows how adapting to transitional moments in your life is the path to an enriched existence filled with contentment at every stage.


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  • This audiobook, "Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits," offers a clear and accessible plan for reshaping one's life. It is truly outstanding! It encourages listeners to seek guidance from God in every step of their journey.