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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

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Sharp Objects Audiobook by Gillian Flynn is the debut novel of the author first published in 2006. The story is set in Wind Gap, Missouri. Camille Preaker is the protagonist who works as a journalist in a small newspaper. Camille has had a disturbed childhood due to the death of her sister Marian at an early age. She was in a psychiatric hospital and inflicted self-harm. Adora is Camille’s half-sister. She has a bossy nature and is known as the mean girl of the town. Adora is the mother of Camille and Amma and is a strict woman. She does not have feelings for Camille but regularly pampers Amma.

Camille works on covering and reporting crime stories and she is sent home to the city of Wind Gap, Missouri by her boss to cover the story of the brutal murder of a girl- Ann Nash. Camille comes to Wind Gap and collects information on the murder of Ann Nash from the local people. Soon the body of another girl is recovered and both the murders follow an eerily similar pattern.

Slowly Camille discovers that what started as investigating a murder soon turns into a series of murders during her visit to Wind Gap. Camille becomes involved in the investigations and becomes close to the detective Richard Willis who is working on the case. As the investigations progress, interesting revelations are made and Camille starts to realize that the murderer is much closer than what she first thought.


Sharp Objects Audiobook by Gillian Flynn has a tight and fast-moving plot. The author produces enough twists and turns in the narrative and keeps the readers interested until the end. The plot is dark and has instances of self-harm, animal abuse, and violence which may not be suitable for all audiences. The characters are well developed and the suspense level in the story is maintained till the end and the readers will keep guessing.

The novel shows how caring for near and dear ones can become an obsession to the extent of being harmful to them. The narrative picks up the pace and the suspense becomes unbearable until the climax is reached. The readers can take a plunge into the novel and explore the dark human nature and the pacy and thrilling story. The readers won’t be disappointed with the novel and should definitely try it out.