Shogun Audiobook by James Clavell [Free Download]

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Shogun: The Epic Novel of Japan: The Asian Saga, Book 1 by James Clavell

The readers can download Shogun: The Epic Novel of Japan: The Asian Saga, Book 1 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Shogun is an audiobook by James Clavell. It makes the first novel by internal chronology of the Asian Saga. It has become a bestseller since it has sold more than 15 billion copies by the year 1990. The story takes place a few months before the critical Battle of Sekigahara in 1600. It is based on the actual Tokugawa Leyasu, Shogun narrates the rise of the daimiyo.

The story is presented through the eyes of John Blackthorn who is an English Sailor and he is called Anjin or Pilor by the Japanese. He witnesses the rise of Toranaga to the shogunate.

It is a fictional story based on real events and it also takes a lot of real people that participated in these battles as characters of the novel. The incredible heroics of the main Character, William Adams, make this an amazing story.

It is one of 6 different novels in the Asian Saga by the same author.


When James Clavell came up wi the idea for his novel Shogun, he didn’t know anything about Japanese History. However, he began reading in made this audiobook in a great adventure filled with incredible stories and portraits an amazing imagination from Clavell’s side.

Clavell read about William Adams, the main character, who was a sailor and then began researching about him. He found a couple of letters that weren’t delivered and were meant for his wife, among many things. The prepared very well which lead to the creation of an amazingly presented audiobook that will certainly make you fall for it.

The masterfully crafted this fictional story with many elements from the actual History of Japan and used many real characters for the novel which is what gave it the unavoidable attraction that it has.

Clavell was born in Australia but raised on the English coast. His screenwriter-turned-novelist life drove him to live in Los Angeles and London. The obsession that led to the creation of the novel “Shogun” lasted three years. Shogun is the first book in inside chronological order in the Asian saga.

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