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Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

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The Master at his scarifying best! From heart-pounding terror to the eeriest of whimsy-tales from the outer limits of one of the greatest imaginations of our time! In "The Mist," a supermarket becomes the last bastion of humanity as a peril beyond dimension invades the earth... Touch "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands," and say your prayers... There are some things in attics which are better left alone, things like "The Monkey"... The most sublime woman driver on earth offers a man "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut" to paradise... A boy's sanity is pushed to the edge when he's left alone with the odious corpse of "Gramma"... If you were stunned by Gremlins , the Fornits of "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet" will knock your socks off... Trucks that punish and beautiful teen demons who seduce a young man to massacre; curses whose malevolence grows through the years; obscene presences and angels of grace-here, indeed, is a night-blooming bouquet of chills and thrills.



  • The book starts off with "The Mist," and I can't recall if I saw or read it before. Either way, this version was a classic King. It had the strange elements, but also had the human characters that really drove the story forward. It felt like a mix of The Stand and Under the Dome. Some stories are longer in nature (The Mist, The Monkey, Gramma, Flexible Bullet), while others are barely more than poems (Milkman #1, Cain Rose Up, Owen). A few stories didn't quite fit the usual expectations for King (The Wedding Gig, Survivor Type). Out of the 20+ tales, there were only a couple that I didn't enjoy. There is a nice mix of styles and lengths in this collection, which makes for an enjoyable, albeit sometimes disjointed, listening experience. Given the overall length of the audiobook, I found it better to listen to a few stories from this collection in between other audiobooks. The narrators did an amazing job.
  • I always find myself clinging to hope that the next anthology by Stephen King will surpass the previous one, but it never does. Despite that, I continue to spend my credits in search of that elusive exceptional story amidst a sea of dull ones. King's writing is undeniably skilled, leaving me with no complaints about his prose. However, considering his reputation as a "horror" master, I couldn't find a single story that captivated me even the tiniest bit. My expectations were particularly high for "The Mist," so it's quite a disappointment. Perhaps this experience will finally teach me a lesson.
  • I really liked the majority of the stories, some of them just weren't my cup of tea, you know? But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed everything that Stephen King wrote in this collection of short stories.