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Strange Highways

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One rain-drenched night, Joey Shannon is on his way to college after a weekend with his family. When he takes a wrong turn, he stumbles across a terrible highway, and since then, nothing has been the same. Exactly twenty years later, on another rainy night, Joey finds himself at the same crossroads, looking down the road not taken. When Joey turns on to it, he embarks on a terrifying journey toward a dark truth that will alter everything he believes about himself, his past, and the nature of life. Disclaimer: Strange Highways was the title story in an anthology of two short novels and twelve novelettes and short stories first published by Warner Books in 1995. An audio edition of the novel was produced by Time Warner Audio, narrated by James Spader, but the recording is no longer in print or widely available.



  • I binged this one in one go. Not many characters, but damn, they get the job done. A suspenseful, creepy kind of story that's perfect for Halloween. There's a good ol' brotherly feud and a love interest thrown in the mix, and let me tell you, neither of them gets resolved until the very end of the book. Plus, there's some time travel thrown in for good measure, which made the whole reading experience a blast.
  • I love reading time travel novels and I've gone through many of them on this service. One of my all-time favorites is Koontz's "Lightning," but unfortunately, "Strange Highways" didn't quite live up to my expectations. The writing in this book felt amateurish for the most part. Koontz consistently took away any suspense or danger that the characters faced by prematurely revealing their outcomes. It would have been much more engaging if the reader was left wondering about the results of events rather than being told outright. Another issue that bothered me was when Koontz abruptly inserted non-common knowledge information that felt like it was straight from Wikipedia. It disrupted the flow of the story. Even the climax of the book wasn't that impressive. The narrator could have been better, but I managed to listen comfortably at 1.5X speed. Overall, I don't think it's worth using a credit on this one, but I would definitely recommend grabbing "Lightning" instead. If my review was helpful, please click YES below. Catch you later.