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Sula by Toni Morrison

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Two girls who grow up to become women. Two friends who become something worse than enemies. In this brilliantly imagined novel, Toni Morrison tells the story of Nel Wright and Sula Peace, who meet as children in the small town of Medallion, Ohio. Their devotion is fierce enough to withstand bullies and the burden of a dreadful secret. It endures even after Nel has grown up to be a pillar of the black community and Sula has become a pariah. But their friendship ends in an unforgivable betrayal—or does it end? Terrifying, comic, ribald and tragic, Sula is a work that overflows with life.



  • Me and my daughter gave 'Sula' a listen as part of her college assignment. Gotta admit, I was pretty taken aback by how disinteresting and poorly paced Ms. Morrison's reading was. However, I did appreciate the well-developed characters and the unfolding of the story. It was truly eye-opening and pretty gut-wrenching to listen to. I reckon I might enjoy it more if I give the print version a shot someday.
  • Once again, Toni Morrison's captivating storytelling uncovers the profound emotions of American history, particularly in the Mid-South region. "Sula" is a remarkable work of literature that beautifully captures the essence of this era in an impressionistic manner.