The Alice Network: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Alice Network: A Novel by Kate Quinn

The readers can download The Alice Network: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Alice Network: A Novel Audiobook by Kate Quinn is a historical novel that tells the story of two women in different periods of great changes and turmoil in the history of humankind: the Two World Wars. The two ladies of the story are Eve Gardiner, a First War World Spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France in 1915, just a year after the beginning of the First WorldWar; the other one is Charlie St. Clair, an American college girl in search of her missing cousin in the Nazi-occupied France in 1947.

During the period of the First World War, Eve was eager to find against the Germans and the opportunity is there when she is asked to join into the fight to the Nazis. There, she is trained by Lili, “Queen of Spies” and so Eve took part of a vast network of spies who happened to operate under the German military occupation forces.

Thirty years later, Eve is retired and has turned into a heavy drinker, remembering the destruction of the Alice Network. Everything would change when she met Charlie; a pregnant, unmarried, and about to be kick out of her family. Charlie asked Eve to help find her cousin; she believed her cousin – a sister for her – was taken by the Nazis. Eve was reluctant to help, until a name mentioned by Charlie brought her memories Eve thought forgotten. They decided to search the missing girl and found the truth, no matter the consequences.


The Alice Network: A Novel Audiobook by Kate Quinn is the most recent novel by historical inspired author whose previous work had dealt with different periods of history in humankind – such as Ancient Rome and the World Wars. In this occasion, the writer placed her novel in two of the most troublesome situations in the first half of the twentieth century: The First and the Second World War.

The book/audiobook has taken the first position in the Amazon Best Sellers Ranks and it has received very good reviews from readers/listeners and critics. To listen to this story complete in the audiobook format will require a time of 15 hours and 6 minutes narrated by Saskia Maarleveld who makes an amazing voice job transmitting all the excitement content in the story.The material tells the story of imperfect women dealing with situation out of the ordinary and how they went through it.

It is the perfect material for book clubs since it includes questions to the proper discussion; additionally, it brings letters and trail records of the period of time that serve as an inspiration for the creation of this novel. So if you are part of a book club, this would be the next title to be read and analyzed.

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