The Book of Life: All Souls Audiobook by Deborah Harkness [Download]

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The Book of Life: All Souls, Book 3 by Deborah Harkness

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The Book of Life: All Souls Book 3 by Deborah Harkness is the third novel in the All Souls trilogy. After their time travel in the earlier novel Shadow of Night, the historian witch Diana Bishop and the vampire Matthew Clairmont return back to the present to face new situations and enemies. The book opens with Emily and Phillipe who are dead but meant a lot to Diana and Matthew.

They are excited by Diana’s pregnancy which was once thought as improbable. Matthew and Diana return to their home Sept Tours for fighting against the Congregation. This time though they are faced with grave danger in the form of Benjamin Fox. Benjamin is also on the lookout for the Book of Life though he uses rather unpleasant methods to do so.

Benjamin has been kidnapping and impregnating witches in order to find out more about his species of vampires. He threatens Diana as his next target. Matthews come to know of this and threatens to destroy him. Together with new alliances and olf friends Matthews and Diana embark on an adventurous journey in the search for the missing pages of the Ashmole 782 and the discovery of the truth.


The Book of Life: All Souls Book 3 by Deborah Harkness received positive reviews from the critics. The author details the characters and their lives and the readers will be able to relate with them due to this elaboration. The author does a fine job of tying up the different characters and their storylines into a coherent one which results in a focused and compact plot. The author maintains the overall pace of the story and makes the plot move forward which keeps the readers interested and engaged till the end.

The novel is a lengthy read but the author has done a commendable job of keeping the narrative highly gripping. The family relationships, values and the bonding between the characters have been beautifully captured and presented by the author.

The author has been successful in providing a logical and solid ending to the trilogy series in her final novel. The readers will feel satisfied after reading the final installment of the popular trilogy. This is a recommended read and must not be missed.

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