The Life We Bury Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

The readers can download The Life We Bury Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Life We Bury Audiobook by Allen Eskens revolve around the life of a college student who goes by the name of Joe Talbert. He has been allotted a simple enough assignment to find a stranger to interview him. However, he is not able to get a suitable subject and the deadline is fast approaching. As a result, he decides to head over to the nearby nursing home in order to find the subject.

The subject which he finally chooses is Carl Iverson. Carl Iverson is a Vietnam War veteran and also a murderer. He is on medical parole. He has spent over 30 years in jail where he was sentenced for rape and murder.

Joe though focuses initially on only his heroics in the Vietnam War. However, his neighbor, Lila, Sparks his curiosity to uncover the truth about the crimes which Carl was convicted for. As they travel, the crimes which he has committed in the past, the details get even clearer. The stakes also rise incrementally. The question which remains is whether he will be able to know the truth without the collateral damage. This is what creates a tale of gripping suspense.


The best thing about The Life We Bury Audiobook is that the author plays with the metaphor and has a unique writing style which ensures that you are not bored throughout the book. Moreover, the story is engaging enough as well. As more and more layers of the subject get unraveled in the story, the story becomes more and more interesting. This ensures that throughout the book, you will never feel a dull moment.

The connections between the different aspects of the plot are also done seamlessly. As a result, there is no filler part in the story and it is engaging right from the start till the end. The only part which I could complain about was the end. That was a bit predictable which actually made the climax weak. All in all, when you look at the characters in all, they are pretty strong and with the engaging story, they are much more entertaining as compared to some of the other fictional books which I have read in the recent past.

The different shades of the Character Carl are what make this book much more interesting. It highlights the fact that it is not necessary that the good person has done entirely good deeds and vice versa. This is what makes the book much more interesting. You can get The Life We Bury Audiobook online to decipher this interesting story.