The Captains: The Brotherhood of War Series, Book 2 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Captains: The Brotherhood of War Series, Book 2 by W. E. B. Griffin

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It was more than an incident. It was a deadly assault across the 38th parallel. It was the Korean War. In the fear and the frenzy of battle, those who had served with heroism before were called again by America to man the trenches and sandbag bunkers. From Pusan to the Yalu, they drove forward with commands too new and tanks too old, brothers in war, bonded together in battle as they had never been in peace...




  • Griffin has really hit his stride in this novel. The Korean War begins and the main characters from the previous book, along with an African American lieutenant who had a minor role in the first novel, find themselves in dangerous situations. One of them, a Medal of Honor recipient, even tries to put himself in harm's way despite the army's reluctance, as they fear the negative publicity if he were to be killed. Alongside Griffin's trademark scenes of dealing with the army bureaucracy, there are also tough moral choices and plenty of action. We witness the West Point alumni looking out for each other and their own careers, often at the expense of non-West Pointers and sometimes against America's interests in the war. (This theme is quite prevalent in Griffin's novels, and sometimes it makes me question if he has a dislike for military academies, although it's probably just his way of illustrating how those with connections prioritize their own well-being regardless of the consequences.) There is a tragic event in the middle of the book, and I believe Griffin handles it with great care. However, what I truly appreciate about this series is Griffin's understanding of the inner workings of the military—the good aspects and the bad ones.
  • I'm really into military history and novels about it. I admire the dedication and professionalism of the men involved, so I don't think it's necessary to add a lot of macho posturing to the story. Unfortunately, this book includes explicit sexual content that feels more like something a naive teenager would write. Additionally, the author includes a lot of racial and ethnic slurs that I found unnecessary and distracting from the overall story. I don't think I'll continue reading the rest of the series. I'm not a prude, but anything that takes away from the main plot tends to bore me easily.
  • The Captains: The Brotherhood of War Series, Book 2 is a solid series that I highly recommend. The only flaw I found was that the narrator could benefit from improving their pronunciation of military terms.
  • I've gone through this series multiple times, both reading and listening. When I was stationed in West Germany during the Cold War, I read the Colonel's and the Generals. The only thing that bothered me about the audiobook performance was the terrible pronunciation of the names of towns in the Republic of Korea. As a Korean Linguist trained in the US Army, it really got on my nerves every time the reader mispronounced Pusan.
  • The second book in the Brotherhood of War series is a great continuation from the first. It leaves you craving for more, never wanting the story to come to a close. The characters are absolutely lovable.
  • I'm blown away by the brilliance of the first two books in this series. They are incredibly intelligent, authentic, captivating, and packed with insights into sociology, psychology, culture, humanity, and history. And let's not forget about the incredibly engrossing plot that keeps you hooked from start to finish. I'm absolutely hooked and can't believe I hadn't discovered this author earlier!
  • This book by Griffin is another gem, packed with excellent character development and an engaging story. I can already tell that I'll be spending a fortune on all of his books because they are truly worth it. I highly recommend this one, giving it a solid four stars, and maybe even five!
  • Listening to 'The Captains: The Brotherhood of War Series, Book 2' was an absolute delight. It brought back all the emotions I experienced when I first read it years ago - I laughed, I cried, and I connected with the characters on a deep level. The performance of the audiobook was simply outstanding, truly adding to the overall experience.