The Chemist Audiobook by Stephenie Meyer [Free Download by Trial]

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The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

The readers can download The Chemist Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Before the Chemist, Meyer’s other works include; the Host and the Twilight series. In both audiobooks, she shows her exceptional skill in romantic thrillers. The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer audiobook is a thriller citing the story of an ex-agent on the run. Meyer creates a fierce yet exciting heroine with exceptional skills and brains. This best-seller proves the writer’s skill in tautly plots.

On her pursuit are the former employers who want her to take one more case to buy her freedom. It is a predictable story involving the U.S government as the former secret employer. This means only a few people mostly her colleagues knew about the job and resignation. The ex-agent is skilled in her field to the extent that she has mastered professional secrecy so much it is hard for the U.S government to locate her. The story involves classified information organizations so secret they do not have names.

To maintain her secrecy and private life, Ellen Archer lives a complicated life of shifting her locations randomly and frequently. The only other person she trusted enough to provide her secrets was eliminated. The information she possesses is very sensitive that it would cost her life. The secret organization that approached her now wants her dead on sight.

They only reasonable option out becomes to take one more assignment to clear her name. This ideas comes from her former handler in the service. It turns out that the information she acquires from the supposed last assignment worsens her situation sinking her deeper into danger. She can only deal with the problem head-on if she wants to live. The only way out is to fight it out but falling in love complicates this plan for survival. Agent Archer lives in the dilemma as she watches her options dwindle into certain death. She is therefore, forced to go beyond what she has learnt and acquired in training to explore her limits that she never imagined.


The audiobook is a thriller that you will not be comfortable listening especially from the beginning. The introduction involves a group of characters on borrowed time in a tense moment. Although it is a romantic thriller, Meyer uses her exceptional skill to bring the tension that captures you from the very start instead of a build up into the story. She uses third narration style, which seems harsh on the protagonist character; Alex who killed her mentor, and soft for Alex falling in love.

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