The Choice: Escaping the Past and Embracing the Possible Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Choice: Escaping the Past and Embracing the Possible by Dr. Edith Eva Eger

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Introduction by: Edith Eva Eger



  • I couldn't bring myself to complete The Choice audiobook due to the distressing nature of the described horrors. Each time I come across the book's title, it unsettles me, making it difficult to continue listening to the detailed recollections. Dr. Eger is truly an exceptional individual for triumphing over her past, and I appreciate that her book serves as a source of inspiration for others to seize the opportunities in their own lives. Nevertheless, I have decided to remove The Choice from my library.
  • I actually enjoyed it. I'm not convinced that the author has fully come to terms with how her own traumatic experiences continue to impact her. While she is able to recognize it in others, I found myself cringing at certain parts of her writing. As someone who is Jewish, I can appreciate the importance and significance of survivors sharing their stories. It is crucial for us to listen, bear witness, and ensure that such atrocities never occur again. To be honest, the only reason I persevered through it was out of a sense of responsibility. Regarding the narration, I wasn't fond of the accent at all. It bothered me how the narrator switched between "no accent" when reading the chapter numbers, only to go back to the accent afterwards. It was jarring and interrupted my immersion in the story.
  • Dr. Eger immediately captures your attention from the opening paragraph and keeps you engaged until the very end! This is not just your typical Holocaust book, but rather a powerful story about finding motivation. Although it can be challenging to listen to at certain moments, the underlying message is crystal clear: we always have a choice.
  • Man, her voice was off the charts, like, seriously. It didn't sit well with me, you know? I couldn't even focus on what was happening in the story, it was that distracting. In fact, it was putting me to sleep, no joke.
  • As I listened to 'The Choice: Escaping the Past and Embracing the Possible,' I was completely engrossed in the experience. Dr. Edith's words had such a captivating effect on me that nothing else seemed to matter until I absorbed every single word. "Transfixed" perfectly sums up how I felt throughout!
  • The recording of 'The Choice: Escaping the Past and Embracing the Possible' failed to captivate me. The narrator's performance was subpar, and I speculate that it might have been the author herself, who perhaps should have considered employing someone else for the task. I can't definitively say if the content itself is worth listening to, as the narrator's delivery hindered my ability to fully appreciate it.
  • In the initial part of the book, around 60% of it is dedicated to Dr. Eger's personal journey, with a significant focus on her harrowing experiences in Auschwitz. Additionally, the book delves into the process of recovery. The remaining portion of the book, the last third, delves into intriguing discussions surrounding the case histories of different patients. These accounts explore how Dr. Eger's own life has shaped her patients and what valuable lessons she has gained from their circumstances. On the whole, this book is captivating and offers readers a wealth of knowledge from the author's perspective.
  • I was completely hooked by this book, it felt like I was right there with her, experiencing her journey firsthand. The narration was absolutely fantastic! This book will truly touch your heart and leave a lasting impact.