The Duke’s Cinderella Bride Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Duke's Cinderella Bride

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An internationally best-selling author, Carole Mortimer has penned over 150 romance novels in her remarkable career. The Duke's Cinderella Bride stars brooding Hawk St. Claire, Duke of Stourbridge and seemingly plain servant girl Jane Smith. After a chance encounter Jane pays the price for their inappropriate behavior when she is removed from her household. Soon the duke takes in this genteel lass and makes her his ward. Hawk is the first man to make Jane's pulse race, but marrying him is out of the question. Now their romance must be kept in the dark, for Jane hides a shameful secret that could ruin everything.


One comment

  • I could not finish this audiobook. The female character is such a insecure shrew it was hard to warm up to her and finally I gave up. Since she has such a big part I couldn't just skip over her parts. Not sure if this was the narration of the books fault or the actual book since I haven't read it only listened. I gave the narration a 3 because I liked the male lead and the other minor parts fine....