The Fall of Five: Lorien Legacies, Book 4 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Fall of Five: Lorien Legacies, Book 4 by Pittacus Lore

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I thought things would change



  • This book feels a lot like those filler episodes you find in TV shows. The main plot points don't really come together until the last hour of the book. While there are some important discoveries and developments that move the story forward, it feels like there could have been more action and events packed into the book. There's a significant amount of internal dialogue and personal struggles that take up a lot of the narrative. Perhaps if the book was longer, it could have delved deeper into these internal conflicts and then picked up the pace in the second half, rather than leaving readers to purchase an entire extra book. However, despite these shortcomings, I'll still be purchasing the next book in the series because I'm eager to find out how it all ends.
  • This book is absolutely amazing and easily one of my favorites in the series. I can't stress enough how much these books mean to me; they have been a major part of my life. I want to express my gratitude to Jobie Hughes for creating such a captivating story that helped me get through high school. Recently, I decided to revisit these books and I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of voice actors. Personally, I really enjoyed the performance of the Sam voice actor, as well as Neil Kaplan who is my absolute favorite voice actor for both books and video games. He truly deserves more recognition and opportunities in bigger projects. I also want to give a shout-out to the Marina voice actor for their excellent portrayal. This series is the epitome of perfection; I cannot even count how many times I have read and reread these books, especially during my high school days. In conclusion, if you haven't read them yet, I highly recommend doing so immediately because you are truly missing out on an incredible experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.
  • I was a huge fan of this series back in the day, but I must say that the audiobooks didn't quite hit the mark for me, thanks to the narrators. While they do a decent job with their respective characters, the voices they use for other characters are overly jarring and exaggerated. The biggest problem I have is the inconsistency in the voices of the characters whose perspective is not being read. Given that this book switches between different viewpoints, it would have been much better if it was recorded with a full cast, ensuring consistent voices for each character. For example, John's portrayal of Nine sounds completely different from Marina's portrayal of Nine, and this inconsistency applies to all the characters. It becomes quite confusing when listening to the audio, as it takes a moment to figure out who is speaking due to the varying voices used by the different narrators.
  • I really enjoyed these books, they're some of the best I've read in a long time. I would suggest them specifically to fans of this series and a few others. Such as "The King of Scars," "The BlackThorn Key" series, "The Magisterium" series, "Percy Jackson," and "Dove Alight."
  • The narrator for John really made it difficult to enjoy this audiobook, the voices were all over the place. Sam's voice actor portrayed him as experienced and mature (which I appreciated), but John's voice actor made him sound like the same geeky guy he knew in high school. Despite that, the book was alright, not my top pick from the series but still worth checking out. However, Nine really frustrated me throughout the entire story, so that's something to consider.