The Gender Secret: The Gender Game Audiobook 2 [Free Download]

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The Gender Secret: The Gender Game, Book 2 by Bella Forrest

The readers can download The Gender Secret: The Gender Game, Book 2 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Gender Secret: The Gender Game, Book 2 Audiobook by Bella Forrest is the second book in the heart-pounding and fast-paced The Gender Game series. The book opens where the first book ended. Violet Bates finds herself in a shaking and unstable aircraft and she has no idea how to fly it. After few attempts, she is able to crash land the aircraft into a tree. Violet goes on a wild and crazy journey to find her way to the mines to locate her brother. She has been bitten by a centipede and is struggling. Everything around her in the Green is a potential danger and she is doing her best to survive and stay alive.

Viggo refuses to believe what he has heard of Violet thus far. He is sent on a mission by the King to go and find her. He goes to her husband’s place to see if he can track her down from the computer in her husband’s place. He comes to know that she is currently in Green. He wonders what she is doing in that weird location and then afterward sets out to find her.

Viggo goes to Green and is finally able to locate Violet. He sees that she is in awful shape. He works on her to get her better. They take refuge in a building nearby. They help her instructor to safety also. The building in which they are has lots of secrets of its own. Lots of action happens during their stay in the white building. The remainder of the book is whether Violet finds her brother and if so, how?


The Gender Secret: The Gender Game, Book 2 Audiobook by Bella Forrest takes the readers on a wild and adventure packed trail. The storytelling is fast-paced and full of twists and turns. This keeps the readers engaged till the climax. The author has further developed the character of Violet and her different shades.

The readers will be able to relate with the characters of Violet and Viggo. The relationship between Violet and Viggo is complex and the author has beautifully portrayed the feelings which they have for each other. This is a recommended read for people having interest in thrillers.

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  • “Cruelty didn’t have a gender qualifier behind it—it was an ever unraveling human condition, cast out by pride, power, and indifference” — Bella Forrest (The Gender Secret)