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The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

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Julie Barenson's young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died - a Great Dane puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now four years have passed. Still living in the small town of Swansboro, North Carolina, twenty-nine-year-old Julie is emotionally ready to make a commitment to someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the handsome, sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen? Or Mike Harris, the down-to-earth nice guy who was her husband's best friend? Choosing one of them should bring her more happiness than she's had in years. Instead, Julie is soon fighting for her life in a nightmare spawned by a chilling deception and jealousy so poisonous that it has become a murderous desire...



  • I was hooked on this book and couldn't stop listening to it for 2 days straight. It's that addictive. Once you start, you won't be able to tear yourself away. The characters feel incredibly authentic, and the plot delves into the unsettling reality of stalking, tapping into a fear that many can relate to in today's world. However, amidst the suspense, the story also offers heartwarming moments and genuine care, all while keeping you on your toes with unexpected twists. What's truly remarkable is that the book doesn't rely on excessive violence, graphic scenes, or explicit content to captivate its audience. Instead, it delivers a beautiful love story that extends beyond human connections, including the special bond between humans and their beloved pets.