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The Last American Vampire

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New York Times bestselling author Seth Grahame-Smith returns with the follow-up to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter--a sweeping, alternate history of 20th Century America as seen through the eyes of vampire Henry Sturges.



  • I was super stoked when I found out there was a sequel to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. The writing was on point, seamlessly blending history and fiction with all the story details covered. But man, it feels like a different author wrote this one. I usually don't trash books in my reviews, knowing I couldn't write half as good as even the worst authors out there, but this 'reads' like fan fiction in a lot of places. It starts off with a glaring continuity error and has several more in later chapters. SGS really tried to incorporate famous historical figures into the story, but they fell short in developing and fleshing out these characters. It's like they just dropped their names in for literary and historical effect without really making them part of the story. It's not the absolute worst story I've ever listened to, but it's a major letdown considering the author's previous quality.
  • I absolutely love Grahame-Smith's writing style, and this latest book was just as entertaining as the others. I really enjoyed how he presented a different perspective on history, particularly through the experiences and relationships of the main character Henry with famous historical figures like American presidents, Tesla, Rasputin, Mark Twain, and John Smith. I had a few minor issues that made me give it 4 stars instead of 5: - There seemed to be a bit more gore in this book compared to the others. - At times, it did feel like the story dragged on a bit and became a little dull towards the end, especially around the part involving the Kennedy assassination. - I also thought that the letter/rant Lincoln sent to FDR was a bit lengthy and overdone. - I wish we could have gotten more insight into Virginia Dare's actions. I understand that the massacre of the tribe was a significant factor, but there must have been more to it than just that. - I wasn't a fan of the narrator's voice for young Virginia and Alexi. However, despite these minor drawbacks, I still found this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable read/listen.
  • We're all aware that sequels in a series often risk losing the enchantment of the initial book. However, The Last American Vampire successfully maintains the captivating allure and manages to catch me off guard multiple times with unexpected plot twists. It's just as good, if not superior, to the first book.
  • I love this book. I love the history of it. How the fiction is entwined with the history of the world. I couldn't put it down. I had to know what happened next. The story of a vampire and his life throughout history. Brilliant. Now I am just waiting for the next book in the series. This was book 2. Book one was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Both are great reads. But you have to be in to that sort of thing. Loved it. Bring me more like this.
  • Good story. Good narration. I miss the days where Vampires were evil nasty things. This is not that kind of book though but at least its not a vampire romance. Its got a lot of history with an interesting slant.