The NIV Listener’s Audio Bible Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The NIV Listener's Audio Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean by Zondervan

The readers can download The NIV Listener's Audio Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The NIV Listener's Audio Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean Audiobook by Zondervan is an audio version of the Bible. It provides the Biblical learnings in an audio format which the readers can carry along with them on their phone or other personal electronic equipments.

For a very long time the only way to access and imbibe the God’s learning were to read the scriptures or to hear it in public gatherings, but now this audio bible allows the readers to listen to it. Many readers have their personal copy of the Bible for reading, however hearing the scriptures has a surprising and distinct advantage over reading them. The audio Bible helps to reinforce the Biblical learnings which one has heard numerous time over and over since their childhood.

The verses which one has heard many times before, when one listens them on the audio Bible it has a different impact on the listeners. Another benefit of the audio Bible offers is the consistency in listening. The listeners will always hear a consistent voice and tone of the teachings with soft and soothing background music. The voice of Max McLean which is skillful and engaging but never dramatized offers a unique and magnificent Biblical learning experience for the listeners.

The audio Bible can be listened alone or in a group during travel, meetings or family gatherings and it brings the God’s world alive to the listeners. The listeners can imbibe Biblical teachings in their life and the lives of their loved ones and bring peace and happiness to everyone. The author says that listening to the audio Bible for 13 minutes daily will allow a listener to get through the Bible in one year and listening to 6 minutes daily will allow listeners to hear the New Testament twice a year. The charming and engaging voice of Max McLean will bring the God’s world closer to the listeners and help them to memorize and institutionalize God’s teaching in their everyday life.


The NIV Listener's Audio Bible: Vocal Performance by Max McLean Audiobook by Zondervan has made positive changes to the lives of the listeners. The book is categorized into 20 segments with each segment consisting of multiple chapters. This is a recommended for readers wanting to imbibe the Bible and its learnings in their life.




  • Staci over at Grace Community Church in Fort Smith Arkansas hooked me up with a dope Zondervan NIV Bible at the end of 2016. Now I can kick back and listen to this awesome Audio Bible while following along in my physical Bible. My goal this year is to devour the entire Bible, and let me tell you, staying focused can be a real struggle. But this audio version has been a game-changer for me. It's keeping me engaged and making the whole experience hella enjoyable. Huge shoutout to the folks who made this audio Bible available. You guys rock!
  • I really enjoy the Bible, Max McLean does an amazing job reading it and ensures that the word of God doesn't sound boring. My only request is for the service to fix the divisions of the parts. If they don't, I've gone ahead and broken it down myself. Part 1 - Genesis 1 to 50 Part 2 - Exodus 1 to 40 Part 3 - Leviticus 1 to 27, Numbers 1 to 36 Part 4 - Deuteronomy 1 to 34, Joshua 1 to 24, Judges 1 to 21 Part 5 - Ruth 1 to 4, 1 Samuel 1 to 31, 2 Samuel 1 to 24 Part 6 - 1 Kings 1 to 22, 2 Kings 1 to 25 Part 7 - 1 Chronicles 1 to 29, 2 Chronicles 1 to 36, Ezra 1 to 10 Part 8 - Nehemiah 1 to 13, Esther 1 to 10, Job 1 to 42 Part 9 - Psalm 1 to 99 Part 10 - Psalm 100 to 150, Proverbs 1 to 31, Ecclesiastes 1 to 12 Part 11 - Song of Songs 1 to 8, Isaiah 1 to 66 Part 12 - Jeremiah 1 to 52, Lamentations 1 to 5 Part 13 - Ezekiel 1 to 48, Daniel 1 to 12, Hosea 1 to 14, Joel 1 to 3, Amos 1 to 9, Obadiah Part 14 - Jonah 1 to 4, Micah 1 to 7, Nahum 1 to 3, Habakkuk 1 to 3, Zephaniah 1 to 3, Haggai 1 to 2, Zechariah 1 to 14, Malachi 1 to 4 Part 15 - Matthew 1 to 28, Mark 1 to 16 Part 16 - Luke 1 to 24, John 1 to 21 Part 17 - Acts 1 to 28, Romans 1 to 16 Part 18 - 1 Corinthians 1 to 16, 2 Corinthians 1 to 13, Galatians 1 to 6, Ephesians 1 to 6, Philippians 1 to 4, Colossians 1 to 4 Part 19 - 1 Thessalonians 1 to 5, 2 Thessalonians 1 to 3, 1 Timothy 1 to 6, 2 Timothy 1 to 4, Titus 1 to 3, Philemon, Hebrews 1 to 13 Part 20 - James 1 to 5, 1 Peter 1 to 5, 2 Peter 1 to 3, 1 John 1 to 5, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, Revelation 1 to 22
  • I bought this audio Bible with the intention of listening to it in my free time and specifically to hear specific books and scriptures. However, I was disappointed to find that it does not provide a clear listing of the books, so I have to rely on trial and error to figure out which book of the Bible I am in when I turn it on. This tedious process of searching and scanning has made me reluctant to listen to it frequently.
  • This audio Bible is divided into multiple volumes, but it can be quite confusing as they are not clearly labeled with the names of the books. It's difficult to read it from start to finish due to this lack of organization. However, if you simply choose a volume and listen to it without any specific order, you may get lost in the content once it's downloaded. Therefore, I cannot recommend it based on this issue.
  • Max's voice is absolutely amazing, and I have zero complaints about it. I just want to make it clear that you can easily access the book and chapter divisions by simply clicking on a small "bullet list" icon on the service app. This nifty feature allows every book and chapter to appear for you to scroll through, complete with time stamps.
  • I wouldn't put too much trust in the ratings for this particular version. It seems that the star ratings are more applicable to the hard copy of the Bible, rather than the audio service version. To say that I find this audio service version frustrating would be an understatement. I purchased it with the intention of being able to listen to the Bible while I engage in my daily study. However, the service version has proven to be incredibly difficult to use. It lacks a table of contents and fails to provide any book names, chapters, or verses. It's impossible to determine where the Old Testament ends and the New Testament begins. This is actually my second attempt at using an audio service version. The first one I purchased somehow switched to a different recording, with a completely different voice and excessive background noise. On the bright side, this recording with Max McLean's voice is quite easy to listen to. It strikes a good balance between not being dull and not being overly dramatic. However, what's the point of having a pleasant voice if I can't even locate a specific book, chapter, or verse? It's an absolute waste of both time and money, trying to navigate through this confusion.
  • It's really frustrating trying to figure out which book of the Bible is in each of the numerous parts that need to be downloaded. It would be so much better if each book had its own separate file, with the file name matching the book title.
  • How can you locate a specific chapter easily? I have around 20 icons that all look the same. I have to click on each one to see which book it represents, and then continue searching until I find the one I want. Besides that, everything else about it is fantastic.